Taking Action - Alcoa's Worldwide Month of Community Service
Each October, Alcoa employees around the world get together to make a positive difference in their local communities, as part of the Alcoa Foundation Global Month of Service.

The Month of Service is also the time to put the spotlight on the amazing work of Alcoa's thousands of tireless employee volunteers and say thank you.

In 2006, 36,743 Alcoa employees were involved in Month of Service activities globally – including more than 15,000 employees participating in 657 events at more than 200 locations in 36 countries. 

2007 Climate Change Challenge

Australia’s 2007 Month of Service had an environmental theme. The Climate Change Challenge saw some 4,900 employees and community members engage in 49 events across eight locations, all focused on making a positive environmental difference in the community.

Building on the success of Alcoa’s Make an Impact employee greenhouse footprint reduction program, activities ranged from planting trees to saving water.  By matching this employee volunteer time with Alcoa grants, we enhance the value of our community contributions and contribute to the future sustainability of the community sector.
And visit the Alcoa Foundation for more information about our charitable and volunteer programs.

Alcoa employees in Australia volunteered more than 82,000 hours last year


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ACTION and Bravo!

While Alcoans have been volunteering in their communities for many years, two Alcoa programs that began in the past three years formally recognise and encourage these employees with grants to the organisations they serve.  For more information on ACTION and Bravo! grants, click the below link.

Alcoa Foundation

Established in 1952, Alcoa Foundation is a global resource that actively invests in improving the quality of life in more than 32 countries around the world where Alcoa operates. For more information on Alcoa Foundation click the link below.