Community Involvement

Wagerup refinery is committed to building capacity in the communities in which we work to create sustainable operations and sustainable and stronger communities with a shared future. Click here to find out how Alcoa engages with the community.
Employee volunteerism is an important dimension of Alcoa’s approach to sustainability, with employees encouraged to play an active role in the artistic and cultural life of their communities. Wagerup employees are making a real difference in their communities, with 25% of the site’s workforce receiving Bravo! grants in 2006.
We aim to make the refinery accessible to the community, and do this by:
  • offering free tours 
  • managing displays each year at the Harvey and Waroona. agricultural shows and the Bunbury Port Open Day.
  • having regular Open Days at the refinery. The most recent one occurred on April 6, 2008 when over 1,000 people enjoyed a fun and informative day at the refinery.
Wagerup refinery and Willowdale bauxite mine will celebrate 25 years of operations in 2009. A combined celebration is being planned to recognise this achievement.
You can contact our Community Relations Office on  08 9733 8111.

Sasha Butterworth at the Wagerup Open Day
Fun for the kids at the Wagerup Open Day

Yarloop-grown fruit on offer at the Open Day
Alex Burgueno offers up Yarloop-grown fruit to patrons of the 2008 Wagerup Open Day

Fun @ Wagerup Open Day
Wagerup employee Karen Piggott helps a youngster test his strength at the ergonomics display at the 2008 Wagerup Open Day.