30 years of Community Commitment to continue ...

Alcoa of Australia provides around $5 million each year in sponsorships and partnerships to help build stronger communities.
For many years, in the Waroona and Harvey shires, this has meant support for many worthwhile organisations including the Waroona Community Recreation Centre, Yarloop Steam Worskhops, Yarloop Learning Centre and Harvey shire’s Lot 208 Youth Inc. youth centre.
In another major boost to the two local shires Alcoa has provided substantial ex-gratia payments and high-level support of the townscape/main street projects in Waroona and Yarloop town centres.  This is in addition to the Wagerup Sustainability Fund which was set up by Alcoa under the trusteeship of the Western Australian Community Foundation.
“These actions and our ongoing partnership and sponsorship program, confirm that Alcoa is keeping its commitments to our local communities in these uncertain economic times,” said Wagerup community relations manager Tom Busher. 
PEACH: 35 years of community help
PEACH isn’t normally a word you associate with Alcoa, but this PEACH is something that Alcoa employees hold very close to their heart, and is something that has been making a difference to local communities for 35 years.
PEACH stands for Personnel Employed by Alcoa Charity Help.

PEACH is a unique charity fund conceived, funded and administered by Alcoa’s WA employees, and has distributed in excess of $3 million to community organisations providing services in the areas of welfare, family, health, children, safety and social improvement.

Some $220,000 of that has gone to organisations in the Waroona, Harvey and Bunbury regions, including fire brigades, St John ambulance centres, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and aged care facilities such as Quambie Park in Waroona and Hocart Lodge in Harvey.

Hocart Lodge Manager Shirley Wood said that her organisation has always valued and appreciated the relationship with PEACH.

“PEACH purchased one of the first computers and printers used at the Lodge to maintain and manage resident records.  We were then able to electronically complete care plans,” Shirley said.
“PEACH funded the development of a garden/leisure area for our dementia residents, as well a Prime Tester to enable staff to test our electrical equipment to ensure their safety.

“Without PEACH’s understanding and generosity these projects may not have been possible.  The frail aged of our region who reside at our facility, their families, friends, colleagues, staff and the Board of Management cannot express fully how much we appreciate all that the members of PEACH - through their kindness and no-fuss attitude - has meant to us.”

“It’s a unique charity and one that’s very satisfying to be involved with,” said PEACH President Trish Morris.

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In a boost for the two local Shires, Alcoa provided substantial ex-gratia payments and high-level support of the townscape/main street projects in Waroona and Yarloop town centres

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After Wagerup's 25th birthday celebration event on 7 April 2009, Managing Director Alan Cransberg inspected the newly-completed sections of Waroona’s townscape project with Shire councillors and staff

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