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As one of Australia’s leading exporters and employers, Alcoa makes a significant contribution to the communities in which we operate, and the Australian way of life.  Our business is a major contributor to local, state and national economies. We share our success with shareholders, employees, customers and communities through jobs, business opportunities, taxes, dividends and partnerships.

2010 was a challenging year for Alcoa of Australia as we continued to manage the impacts of the economic downturn.  In 2010, the Australian dollar continued to rise and was at times above parity to the US dollar. Coupled with the lower price for aluminium, presented one of the biggest challenges. With our operating costs in Australian dollars, but our product sold in US dollars, it means alumina and aluminium production in Australia is currently expensive.
Sales revenue for the year was $3,552.3million which was $276.0 million higher than the 2009 revenue. The export component increased from $2,991.0 million to $3,268.1 million.  Annually more than 75% of our total revenue stays in Australia through wages, local purchasing, taxes, capital investment and dividends to Australian shareholders.
Return on capital for 2010 was 13.30% compared to 8.63% for 2009.
Alcoa of Australia’s payments to suppliers and employees in 2010 totalled $2581 million.
Tax expense for 2010 was $230.9 million, compared with $64.8 million in 2009. In addition, the company paid income tax of $196.0 million to the Australian Tax Office.
Royalties paid to Governments during 2010 amounted to $48.0 million.
Capital expenditure for the year was $144.9 million compared to $277.3 million in 2009.
Alcoa of Australia is an unlisted public company and our two shareholders, Alcoa Australian Holdings Pty Ltd (ultimately owned by Alcoa Inc) and Alumina Limited, were paid fully franked dividends of $635.0 million in 2010. The company paid fully franked dividends of $440.0 million to shareholders in 2009.
Alcoa produces almost 45% of Australia’s alumina and over 25% of Australia’s aluminium. Our alumina production in Western Australia accounts for 10-11% of total world demand.
In 2010, Alcoa in Australia mined more than 33 million tonnes of bauxite, produced around 9 million tonnes of alumina, 490,000 tonnes of aluminium and more than 108,000 tonnes of aluminium rolled products.

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2010 Alcoa of Australia Total Revenue