Scholarships & Education

At Alcoa, we have strong educational partnerships within local communities aimed at giving students an insight into our business.

Future Leaders of Industry Scholarship Program – Victoria
Our Future Leaders of Industry (FLOI) Scholarship Program in Victoria consists of two separate elements:

1. A hands-on program that provides secondary students with an insight into the manufacturing industry; and

2. Scholarships for university engineering students.

FLOI for Secondary Students
Our Point Henry smelter is a partner in the Geelong Regional Vocational Education Council (GRVEC).  The Council supports the development of partnerships between businesses, schools and the community - giving young people in the Geelong region the opportunity to develop employability skills. 

This element of the FLOI program is run in partnership with GRVEC and aims to encourage students in the Geelong region to consider careers in local industry. The program started in 2006 and was developed on the principle that Geelong industries need to be able to attract, develop, retain and have access to the best employees.

The program provides secondary students with an insight into the manufacturing industry, while also helping to raise the profile of manufacturing in the Geelong region.

Students participate in a variety of activities during the 12-week program including: leadership workshops, tours of local companies, a ‘Buddy’ week where participants are paired with an employee at a Geelong company, a communication and work readiness skills training day, a Gordon TAFE tour and activities day focused on manufacturing, and a Deakin University visit to explore training pathways.

Scholarship winners receive $250, to be held in trust by their school, for educational purposes.

Portland Aluminium also has a similar Future Leaders of Industry program for local secondary schools students in Portland and Heywood.

FLOI for University Students – Engineering Scholarships
The FLOI Engineering Scholarships are presented to several Victorian university students each year (in 2010, four students were chosen from four universities). Engineering students enrolled in disciplines that are critical to maintaining and growing a world class manufacturing capacity in regional Victoria are eligible to apply. 

The scholarships include a paid 12-week work placement with Alcoa, providing an outstanding opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the engineering field and develop an awareness of the opportunities and challenges they will face during their engineering careers.  The successful applicants also receive $5,000 to be put towards educational purposes.

At the end of the 12-week period, the scholarship recipients will:
  • Have gained experience at one of Alcoa’s operating locations and a broad understanding of a process area within the smelting and/or power generation industry;
  • Have gained and applied some knowledge, skills and experience in their functional area; and
  • Have developed relationships within the business and function.

Universities can provide students with a set of specifications/criteria for the scholarship application.  Short-listed applicants will go through a recruitment process, normally involving interviews and medicals.

For more information, please contact your university engineering department in the first instance.

Tour Alcoa
Since 1978, Alcoa has been opening its doors to the community via our well-established tours program. Today the program is run by Alcoa’s four part-time Community Education Officers – one of whom has been hosting tours since the program started more than 30 years ago!

Visitors to our Western Australian and Victorian operations learn about how we transform the red rock-like mineral bauxite, into light-weight shining aluminium.  In WA, our tours program has been recognised as a major accredited tourist attraction.

In total, more than 635,000 people have toured Alcoa. They’ve been shown in an educational, fun and exciting way, how Alcoa is working to be part of the solution to climate change and sustainability. Students and school groups form the vast majority of our visitors.

Tours are free – to book your seat, contact us. 

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Discover Alcoa
Alcoa provides an education and experiences program called ‘Discover Alcoa’. The ‘experiences’ side is our tours program (see above), while the education element provides online student and teacher resources linked to specific curriculum learning areas.

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Assistance to the WA Education Department
During 2009, Alcoa assisted WestOne Services (a division of the WA Department of Education and Training (DET) to help develop its online distance education resources. 

A series of activities for year 11 chemistry students, which related to the aluminium smelting process and the ‘Carbon Capture’ technology in operation at Alcoa’s Kwinana Refinery, was created with the cooperation, guidance and assistance of our Community Education team. Our team also facilitated the filming of a short video on site at Kwinana, featuring one of our scientists explaining the ‘Carbon Capture’ process.

DET has attached clever animation to the Alcoa smelting video footage to create an end product which explains the science in a captivating and fun way. The video has been seen by year 11 chemistry students WA wide, with questions about the Kwinana ‘Carbon Capture’ process included in the year 11 Chemistry exam.

Work Experience
Alcoa provides work experience to upper high school and university students, however we cannot guarantee work experience for every student who requests it.

High school students: Please contact your school’s Work Experience Coordinator in the first instance. The school is then requested to contact Alcoa’s Work Experience & Workplace Learning Coordinator at:

University students: If you are interested in work experience with any of Alcoa’s corporate service departments, please contact:

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