Products available from Alcoa of Australia

The following is the complete list of products available from Alcoa of Australia:

Smelter Grade Alumina
Alumina used in producing aluminium metal.

We supply quality feedstock for aluminium smelters worldwide. Alcoa is the largest producer of smelter grade alumina globally.

Alumina comes from Alcoa’s three refineries in Western Australia, at KwinanaPinjarra and Wagerup.

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Alumina Minerals
Alumina hydrates and calcines used to produce alumina-based chemicals.

Alcoa is the world's leading global source of alumina for the chemicals industry.  We produce commodity-grade product to meet the needs of manufacturers worldwide.

Data Sheets for Alcoa's five alumina minerals products:

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Aluminium Ingots
A full line of commodity-grade aluminium ingot (25kg) and sow (300kg).

Our leadership in technology, capacity and strategic location offers you the best possible choice of price, quality and availability.

These products are produced at our Point Henry and Portland Aluminium operations in Victoria.

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Alumina being exported from Bunbury Port in Western Australia

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Aluminium ingots from Portland Aluminium

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