Our Recruitment Process

Alcoa of Australia has a comprehensive recruitment process which gathers information related to your background, training, education, employment history, motivation, and includes a face-to-face discussion and reference checks.

The tools used to gather the information may include interviews, psychometric testing, background checking, reference checking and medical assessments. The overall selection process considers all the information gathered.

For the specifics of our process, please read on.

Applying for a Vacancy
We encourage you to monitor our website regularly and apply for any opportunity you believe suits your skills and experience.  The online vacancy advertisement will guide you on how to apply.

If you submit an application and have not heard from us within four weeks of the closing date, then your application on this occasion will have been unsuccessful. Due to the large volume of applications received we do not respond to all applicants.

Interview Short-list
Alcoa short-lists for interview based on your covering letter and CV which should address the specific requirements of the role.

The interview panel asks the same questions of all applicants. The interview questions are based upon your personal experience, so there are no right or wrong answers. We encourage you to give examples of your experience when answering the questions. Giving examples helps the interview panel understand your level of skills, knowledge and experience.

You are also encouraged to ask questions at your interview, so you fully understand the role and Alcoa.

Psychometric Testing
Following interview, you may be further short-listed to undertake psychological assessment which is completed through a company called Chandler Macleod. This information forms parts of the recruitment decision process and is kept strictly confidential.

The assessment program involves a series of computerised tests and questionnaires.  The session can take between two and five hours to complete, depending on the range and complexity of the job you have applied for. There is usually a brief interview with Chandler Macleod too.

Upon completion of the recruitment process, you are welcome to seek feedback from Chandler Macleod free of charge. 

Background Checks
Background screening is the verification and/or discovery of information presented by a candidate pertinent to their application, such as employer verification, criminal checks, etc.

You will be advised if background checks need to be carried out. Whether or not we conduct background checks depends on the role you have applied for. Under the Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000, your consent will be sought before the background check is undertaken.

Reference Checking
You will be asked to provide at least two recent and relevant referees.  Ideally your referees should be recent supervisors and not related to you. Reference checking can take up to a week to complete, depending on referee availability and ease of contact.

Information gathered from referees is private and confidential and will only be discussed among the Alcoa interview panel.

Pre-employment medicals are conducted as a baseline to ensure you are fit for the role. Alcoa does not discriminate against applicants at pre-employment medicals.

The medical assessment includes:
  • A health questionnaire and tests relating to hearing, eyes, heart, lung/respiratory, weight and height.
  • Drug test – a urine sample is taken for testing by our testing provider. This is a supervised test by a medical practitioner.
  • The above results are referred to a Doctor who then conducts a general physical.
You may be asked to attend an Alcoa Medical Centre, or an external medical provider, depending on availability.

Only Medical Centre staff will have access to the information obtained at this stage, as it is treated with strict confidentiality.

Final Feedback
A final decision on the successful applicant is made when all the recruitment information has been collected.

Interviewed applicants will receive a phone call from a recruitment consultant with regards to their application.

This complete process can take up to six weeks depending on applicant availability. Please be aware that although you personally may have completed all the stages described above, Alcoa may be waiting on information for another applicant also being considered for the same vacancy, before we can make a final decision.

Offer of Employment
If you are the successful applicant, you will be contacted with a verbal offer and we will provide details including confirmation of a start date. 
You will be asked to provide copies of your birth certificate or Australian passport, driver's licence and relevant qualifications or tickets.
When those details are verbally accepted, two Letters of Offer will be mailed to you to sign - one to return to Alcoa HR, and one to keep for your records. 

The Letter of Offer will contain details of your employment conditions and Alcoa’s induction program.

Further queries about our recruitment process can be directed to auarecruitment@alcoa.com.au

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