Ingot Mill
The ingot mill is located between the Smelter and the Rolling Mill. It receives pure aluminium metal in a liquid form from the Potrooms in 6.5 tonne crucibles. It also receives solid aluminium scrap from the downstream rolling processes.
Batches of scrap metal are remelted in one of the four natural gas fired melting furnaces. The melted scrap is then transferred to one of the two holding furnace. The liquid aluminium from the Potrooms is weighed, sampled and analysed before it is poured into the holding furnaces, where it mixes with the melted scrap.
The metal in the holding furnace is alloyed with hardeners, sampled and analysed for chemical composition to meet customer specifications for strength.  The door to the furnace is then closed and the molten aluminium is held until its temperature reaches approximately 720°C when it is ready to cast.
At this point, the holding furnace is manually 'tapped' allowing the molten aluminium to flow through the small tap hole in the bottom of the furnace wall into a launder system that directs the flow of molten aluminium through a series of filters to the direct chill (DC) casting table.
The casting table is capable of producing 6 ingots, each weighing up to 8.5 tonne after 90 minutes of casting time.
Each ingot is removed from the casting pit and inspected before being sent off to cool.
Currently, the Ingot Mill has an annual ingot production capacity of approximately 140,000 metric tonnes per annum.

Ingots are cast, cooled and rolled at Point Henry

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