Sustainable Environment
Climate change represents one of the biggest challenges of our time.  To find solutions to present and future conservation challenges we invest globally to inform policy development and support community response.  Locally, we are empowering individuals to take action for a greener future.

Signature Partner
Winda-Mara Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project
Portland Aluminium and Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation developed our partnership in 2002.  In 2006 a six year partnership was signed securing long-term economic, social and environmental outcomes of benefit to Portland, Victoria and Australian regional communities through the Lake Condah Sustainable Development Project (LCSDP).
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The Lake Condah project has become widely recognised through its innovative partnership approach to sustainable development. It operates as a hub of a variety of networks of people, organisations, educational bodies and businesses involved in varying aspects of sustainable development.
Portland Aluminium believes the LCSDP is important for creating social, cultural, economic and ecological opportunities to the benefit of the whole community. The project aims are for reconciliation and healing for the indigenous and non-indigenous communities, restoration of an internationally significant landscape, development of sustainable employment opportunities, building of stronger community capacities and the potential to gain World Heritage Listings for the Lake Condah area in South West Victoria.
The LCSDP has the real potential to be not only nationally, but also internationally, a significant exemplar of sustainable development processes.  It is unique as an indigenous-led project tackling the transition to sustainable development with broad community support.
The LCSDP has a positive vision for future sustainable development for the community as a whole.

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Lake Condah