Ship unloading and material handling
To produce aluminium, Portland Aluminium requires shipments of alumina, alumina fluoride, calcined petroleum coke and pitch.
Portland Aluminium receives over 676,000 tonnes of Alumina per year, which is transported to the smelter by ship from Western Australia.  The alumina is unloaded from the ship using a vacuum unloading system and then travels along a 4.5km enclosed conveyer – which is mostly underground – to a specially designed pressure vessel where it is kept until needed.
Petroleum Coke and Pitch are used in the anode production process.  Petroleum Coke is imported from the USA, is unloaded in a similar way to the alumina and is stored in tall silos on site.  Pitch arrives at Portland Aluminium in liquid form from New South Wales and is stored in purpose-built, heated tanks at the Port of Portland.