Ingot Mill
The Ingot Mill receives aluminium metal in a liquid form from the Potrooms.
Liquid aluminium is weighed, sampled and analysed before it is poured into one of four 80 tonne holding furnaces.
Once the holding furnace is full, the door to the furnace is closed and molten aluminium is held until its temperature reaches approximately 750°C.
At this point, the furnace is raised and molten aluminium is fed through a small hole in the furnace wall into a launder system that directs the flow of molten aluminium to one of three casting machines.
Each casting machine is capable of producing 22.5kg ingots at a rate of 20 metric tonnes per hour.
Each 22.5kg ingot is automatically stacked into a 44 ingot bundle weighing approximately 1 metric tonne.
These bundles are bound tightly with steel strapping, labelled and transported to a holding area ready for shipment by land or sea.
Currently, the Ingot Mill has an annual production capacity of approximately 355,000 metric tonnes per annum.