Environmental Management
Alcoa Portland Aluminium is one of the most progressive and cleanest smelters in the world. Through the commitment of our people, use of technology, monitoring programs and projects such as waste minimisation, cleaner production and land management initiatives, Portland Aluminium is highly regarded for its commitment to the environment.
Alcoa Portland Aluminium is known as the ‘Smelter in the Park’ and in the past 20 years Alcoa has developed the 500 hectares of land surrounding the smelter into wetlands and parklands. Through initiatives such as wildlife monitoring and research, weed control, vermin control, wetland rehabilitation and revegetation, the area has been turned into a haven for wildlife and the community. The Smelter in the Park demonstrates that industry, community and the environment can coexist in harmony.
Alcoa Portland Aluminium is also considered a leader in waste management initiatives. The smelter has reduced general waste going to landfill from over 13,000 cubic metres in 1989 to approximately 20 cubic metres annually today. This amazing improvement has resulted from the re-use of process by-products, the recycling of products such as plastic, cardboard, paper, food scraps, gloves and timber and the widespread support of the workforce. The aim is now zero waste.
Alcoa Portland Aluminium operates under the strict requirements of a Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Licence and all emissions are reported to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and can be found at www.npi.gov.au.
Portland Aluminium has engaged its partner of 27 years, Greening Australia, to assist with the Smelter in the Park review, focusing on engaging the local community.
The review is set to commence shortly and more information will follow in due course.

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