Community Partnerships
It is Portland Aluminium’s aim to ensure the communities where we operate have networks that create opportunities for people, institutions and business to participate more fully in the economic, social and cultural areas of that community.
Portland Aluminium supports the local community through its Partnering Stronger Communities program.  The Partnering Stronger Communities program works by:
  • Helping communities to find solutions through joint projects. 
  • Providing in-kind support and volunteers rather than simply offering financial support.
  • Focusing on a shared commitment to making local communities stronger and a better place to live and work.
In 2010, Portland Aluminium partnered with around 50 local community partners through the Partnering Stronger Communities program.
Portland Aluminium’s successful ‘Making the Link’ program, coordinated by BacLinks, included monthly volunteer opportunities for our employees.  In 2010, Portland Aluminium employees volunteered more than 350 hours as part of this program.
Area of Excellence          Signature Partners
Community Health              Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine
& Safety                            (CREM)
Tomorrow's Workforce        Portland Future Leaders of Industry 
& Leaders                              Scholarship Program
Sustainable Environment     Greening Australia
                                         Winda-Mara Lake Condah                                                 Sustainable Development
Community Capacity           United Way Glenelg
& Resilience 
Alcoa Volunteers                 BacLinks
Portland Aluminium Community Grants Program

Portland Aluminium’s Community Grants Program invites local organisations to apply for funding or in-kind support.  Grants of up to $5000 are available to community organisations for events or programs that help to build the skills, resources and expertise of our local community.  Read more about the program here.