Waste Management
Alcoa Point Henry strives to reduce, recycle, or reuse all waste generated from our operations through effective waste management programs. The Environmental Improvement Plan outlines Alcoa Point Henry’s approach and strategy for waste management. 
Alcoa Point Henry is widely recognised as an industry leader in waste management initiatives.  In 1991, Point Henry was sending 36,000 tonnes of general waste to landfill. By employing waste minimisation practices, in 2100 the figure is around 250 tonnes.  Our goal is zero waste.
Significant Investments and Achievements
Waste to landfill reductions
Alcoa Point Henry has reduced its total waste to landfill by 80% since 2000 and is Gold Wastewise certified by Sustainability Victoria. Prescribed Industrial Waste has reduced by 96%.  All waste collected at Alcoa Point Henry is sorted on site to maximise the potential for recycling or reuse.
Development of a partnership to treat and reuse spent pot lining
Alcoa has a partnership with a mineral processing company to convert hazardous waste into alternative fuels for the cement industry.  The process converts prescribed waste into two usable industrial products. The resultant materials are used to produce fuel and mineral products with genuine industrial use such as in the cement industry.
Public Place Recycling Project
Alcoa partners with Sustainability Victoria to address sustainability issues around waste in the community.
The “Public Place Recycling Project” extends recycling from people’s homes to major community recreational venues and main streets across the Geelong and Surf Coast region.  The project has funded new recycling and waste minimisation infrastructure and community education.
Read more about the partnership here.

Recycling bins

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Designated skips for recyclable materials and 240-litre wheelie bins are used extensively around the plant to collect and source-separate waste materials.