Point Henry Works entry sign

About Point Henry
Point Henry is home to two of Alcoa’s operations – the Point Henry Smelter and the Alcoa Australia Rolled Products plant.
Established in 1963, the smelter was one of the first plants in Australia to produce primary aluminium for domestic and international markets.  Today it has the rated capacity of 192,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. 
Together, the Alcoa operated aluminium smelters at Point Henry and Portland produce approximately 25 per cent of Australia’s total aluminium production. As a result, Alcoa is one of Victoria’s largest exporters with overseas sales; equating to approximately five per cent of the State's exports.  In 2013, Point Henry exported $188 million worth of aluminium ingot and $160 million worth of rolled aluminium. Portland smelter exported aluminium valued at $649 million.
Approximately 45 per cent of the aluminium produced at the Point Henry smelter is sold to the neighbouring Alcoa Australia Rolled Products plant, where aluminium is rolled into sheet. The remainder of Point Henry’s aluminium is sold into north Asia (Japan, Korea and Taiwan).
Alcoa has been producing aluminium sheet at Point Henry since 1965, and today it has capacity for approximately 75,000mt of rolled aluminium each year producing the majority of domestic beverage can end-sheet.  Eighty per cent of its rolling capacity is dedicated to supplying the Asian market.
Alcoa Australia Rolled Products also operates a rolling mill at Yennora in Western Sydney, NSW which has the capacity for 125,000 tonnes of rolled aluminium per annum.
The Point Henry operations employ approximately 800 people in the Geelong region, 500 in the smelter and 300 in the rolling mill.
Alcoa’s Point Henry operations have been part of the local community for more than 40 years and are a proud contributor to many worthwhile community projects in Geelong and the surrounding district through our Partnering Stronger Communities Program.