Land Planning


In parallel with the environmental site assessment and site decommissioning activities, Alcoa has commenced long term land planning for the Point Henry site.


Consultants from NAVIRE, Roberts Day and TCL have been engaged to help Alcoa develop the Point Henry 575 Master Plan. 


Informed by the Point Henry 575 Shared Vision created in consultation with the community and key stakeholders, Alcoa is now developing the Point Henry 575 Master Plan that will articulate the potential future uses for the site across the 575 hectares of Alcoa freehold land. 


The Master Plan will seek to best balance the opportunities and limitations of the land, whilst also considering all relevant market data, population and demographic forecasts, and the anticipated supply and demand for specific land uses in the region.


The outcome of the Master Plan for Alcoa’s 575 hectares of freehold land at Point Henry will be economically feasible and deliverable.


The Master Plan will also incorporate the statutory remediation requirements of the site and allow for a range of other factors, for example, transport, sea level change, community access and Alcoa’s neighbours. It will consider the impact any future use will have on the environmental landscape including the site’s biodiversity and ecological attributes.


An overriding theme for Alcoa has been to develop a process that balances and considers all of these aspects while creating a Master Plan that is not only commercially viable but also makes sense to the community and key stakeholders.


The Point Henry 575 Draft Master Plan is expected to be released in October 2016, and is also expected to inform the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework.