Land Management
Alcoa owns and manages 575 hectares of land at Point Henry, of which 500 hectares is outside the plant perimeter.  The area is home to a diverse environment that includes farmland and woodland, salt marsh and sand dune, coastal salt water wetlands, modified fresh water wetlands and process process/fresh water wetlands.
The wetlands form a significant chain of habitat for international migratory birds and create a transition from modified ecosystems to areas of remnant saltmarsh.  The fresh and saltwater habitats cater for a diverse range of plant and animal life, including the rare and threatened Latham’s Snipe bird.  Part of the wetland area is also classified as a wildlife sanctuary.
Alcoa Point Henry seeks to minimise the impact of operations through an effective land management program. The Environmental Improvement Plan outlines Alcoa Point Henry’s approach to land management.
Significant Investments and Achievements
Greening Australia Partnership - Moolapio
Moolapio is a ground-breaking initiative that began in 2006 between Greening Australia and Alcoa of Australia, two organisations who have worked together for almost 30 years on environmental management campaigns across Australia.
Moolapio is initially focused on 500 hectares of Alcoa’s land in Point Henry and represents a variety of different strategies for improving existing land management practices, restoring the local ecology and providing environmental learning opportunities for the community.
Moolapio presents a range of exciting opportunities for the education sector and wider community to play an active role in the management of Point Henry land through engaging schools, tertiary institutions and community groups in on-ground management, knowledge sharing and scientific research.
A key feature is the establishment of large scale grassland restoration and establishment of the Southern Australian Centre for Grassland Restoration.
Only 12 months into the partnership, it was awarded the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Award for ‘best specific environmental initiative’ and in 2010 the project won the 2010 Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence, for Coastal Planning and Management.
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Moolapio logo
Moolapio from the Wathaurong language means ‘sandy place of trees’; a partnership initiative of Greening Australia and Alcoa of Australia to conserve, enhance and restore the flora and fauna of Point Henry.
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Moon Flower

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The Rounded Noon Flower (Disphyma Crassifolium var. clavellatum) is indigenous to the Point Henry area and is in abundance along the coastal saltmarsh.

Make an Impact Workshop

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The Make An Impact program included a series of regular employee workshops focusing on practical carbon reduction tips such as waterwise gardening, efficient water usage and recycling.