Environmental Management


Alcoa owns and manages 575 hectares of land at Point Henry, with the industrial site representing approximately 75 hectares of the property.


Consistent with the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 1999 (as amended 2013) (NEPM), Alcoa has commissioned a series of Tier 1 preliminary site investigations to identify the potential nature and extent of contamination at the site resulting from historical land use and activities.


Suitably qualified consultants from Golders and GHD have been appointed to support the comprehensive site assessment.


Based on the outcomes of Tier 1 preliminary investigations, detailed investigations and site specific risk assessments may be undertaken to enable future site management strategies to be devised.


On March 25 2015 the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Victoria issued Alcoa with a statutory clean-up notice requiring the company to manage environmental contamination at the site in preparation for future use.


The clean up notice follows due process for an industrial site and is consistent with the NEPM approach.  To date there has been no unexpected matters identified by Alcoa or the EPA. 


In line with the notice, an independent environmental auditor will assess the processes undertaken and provide independent reports to the EPA.


Alcoa is also required to provide a written update to the EPA every quarter. Updates are available for viewing here.


Alcoa is committed to working collaboratively with the EPA and other stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for the redevelopment of the site.