Through the commitment of our people, the use of technology, monitoring programs, and projects such as waste minimisation, cleaner production and land management initiatives, Alcoa's Point Henry site is highly regarded for its commitment to environmental improvement.

Alcoa Point Henry’s general environmental objectives include: compliance with all relevant environmental laws including state environment protection policies, waste management policies, environmental regulations and Alcoa’s EPA licence; continuous improvement in environmental performance; ongoing monitoring and reporting of environmental performance; and consultation with the local community.
Alcoa Point Henry operates under the strict requirements of a Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Licence and all emissions are reported to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and can be found at www.npi.gov.au.  The site also produces an Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP).
Read our latest EIP Status Report here.

Alcoa Point Henry is ISO14001 certified and has strategies in place to reduce its environmental footprint including waste management, land management and water conservation strategies.

Since the granting of our EPA accredited licence in 2004, Alcoa Point Henry has implemented a number of environmental modernisation projects, demonstrating Alcoa’s commitment to, and investment in, sustainable operations.
Recent environmental successes include:
Visit the EPA website: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/

Point Henry EIP - published 2008

Pt Henry EIP Status Report -
H1 2012 (January to June 2012)

Pt Henry EIP Status Report -
H2 2011 (July to December 2011)

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