The decommissioning process is underway. 


Initial activities included purging of the gas systems, removal of lubricants, coolants, chlorine gas and acids and removal of the potroom rectifier transformers from the switchyard.


A range of works completed include the recovery and recycling materials in the potrooms (alumina, spent anodes and underpot materials), the removal of potroom equipment and cooling towers.


The removal of the potrooms fume treatment system and the hot and cold rolling mills is progressing.


Activities are being undertaken by small groups of specialist contractors working in conjunction with the small local Alcoa team. Contracting companies include Veolia, Australian Decommissioning Services and Industrial Demolition Services.


Decommissioning will be undertaken over three to five years.



In addition to this some surplus equipment is being offered for sale to the general public via Liquidity Services. Contact details are available on request via the Contact Us page.