Peel Regional Office Fact Sheet

Key facts – a snapshot
  • Alcoa of Australia has positioned the Peel region as a global ‘centre of excellence’ for the alumina industry thanks to the opening of our Peel Regional Office in 2008.
  • The Peel region was already home to Alcoa’s Pinjarra and Wagerup alumina refineries, as well as the Willowdale and Huntley bauxite mines, so it made good business sense to bring our essential support services closer to our sites.  The communities in which we operate are our top priority.
  • We brought 60 Alcoa jobs in the Peel region by the opening of the Peel office.
  • The creation of the Peel Regional Office proved, to the rest of the resources industry, that support roles can and should be co-located near to operational sites to ensure local employment and economic benefits are brought to local communities.
  • Alcoa reaffirmed its position as a business leader in sustainability with the office being an example of an energy efficient building.
  • The building sets a new benchmark in leading edge office design in the Peel region.
  • The Aboriginal communities in the Peel region were closely consulted on the rehabilitation work and the restoration of the adjacent wetlands area.
  • Our employees welcomed the Peel Regional Office, as many of them already lived in the Peel region.
Boosting the local economy
  • The Peel Regional Office is a demonstration of Alcoa’s ongoing commitment to the region and furthers our economic contribution through future employment opportunities for local community members, increased local expenditure for goods and services and community capacity building with more people living and working locally.
  • Sixty people relocated to the new office from Alcoa’s Booragoon head office.  These people are buying groceries, fuel, and lunch and utilising local services including drycleaners, doctors, dentists and chid care services.
  • The following local services are being used to support the office and help boost the Peel economy:
    o Building security
    o Cleaning
    o Building maintenance
    o Gardeners
    o Recruitment companies
    o Waste disposal
    o Caterers
  • The sustainability features of the Alcoa Peel Regional Office include:
    - An air-conditioning system, with an economy cycle option, offering an improved indoor environment.  It also provides energy savings by naturally or mechanically ventilating rather than using cooling systems (when conditions permit).
    - Thermally rated glazing throughout the building. This high performance glazing provides solar heat gain control in summer and improved thermal insulating properties in winter to help maximise the building’s energy efficiency.
    - An advanced Building Management System (BMS) to monitor and control the energy performance of the building.
  • The use of large roof overhangs to limit solar gains.
  • Light coloured, well insulated roof design to limit heat absorption and to minimise the use of air conditioning.
  • Window placement which brings natural light deep into the work areas to reduce the need for artificial lighting.  50 per cent of the building’s occupants sit immediately next to a window.
  • The capturing of rain water which is then channeled through a filtration trap into the adjacent wetlands area.
  • The use of aluminium (a recyclable material) in the building’s wall cladding system.
  • Over 1000 water wise plants in the landscaping surrounding the building.
  • The Peel Regional Office is occupied by 90 Alcoa employees, who support the company nationally, from within the following areas:
    o HR People Services
    o Procurement
    o Finance
    o Real Estate and Facilities Management
    o Management team
  • All employees working in the building have been offered driver safety training and the majority of those commuting from Perth have completed the practical driving course.
  • Of the 60 people who relocated from Alcoa’s Booragoon head office, 35 already lived in the Peel region.  25 people commute from Perth.
Aboriginal heritage
  • The architectural firm, Hames Sharley, re-interpreted Pinjarrra’s rich Aboriginal heritage in the circular meeting rooms which are grouped into masonry elements protected by a large overhanging and protective roof.
  • The land on which the Peel Regional Office is built and the adjacent wetlands are culturally significant to local Aboriginal people. 
  • Aboriginal communities were closely consulted on rehabilitation work and restoration work at the adjacent wetlands area.
Design and construction
  • The Peel Regional Office was built and is owned by Pindan Constructions. 
  • Alcoa has signed a 20 year lease agreement with Pindan. 
  • Due to the lengthy lease agreement, Pindan Constructions allowed Alcoa to be closely involved in the design and construction of the building.  With Alcoa committed to be part of the solution to climate change, the only option was to have a new office designed to maximise energy efficiency.
  • Leading architectural firm, Hames Sharley, designed the building. 
  • The building materials chosen echo the technology contrasts which are inherent in Alcoa’s operations.  The bauxite mining operations are reflected in the use of earthy masonry walls rendered in bauxite tones, while our product is reflected in the contrasting steel and aluminium superstructure elements.