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Managing Director, Alan Cransberg, with former Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter at the official opening of Alcoa’s Peel Regional Office in Pinjarra
Managing Director, Alan Cransberg, welcomes guests to the official opening of Alcoa’s Peel Regional Office in 2008
The building materials chosen for the Peel Regional Office echo the technology contrasts which are inherent in Alcoa’s operations. The bauxite mining operations are reflected in the use of earthy masonry walls rendered in bauxite tones, while our product is reflected in the contrasting steel and aluminium superstructure elements
Alcoa of Australia has positioned the Peel region as a global ‘centre of excellence’ for the alumina industry thanks to the opening of our new Peel Regional Office in 2008
Over 1000 water wise plants are featured in the landscaping surrounding the building
The Peel Regional Office is occupied by around 90 Alcoa employees
The sustainability features of the new Alcoa Peel Regional Office include an advanced Building Management System to monitor and control the energy performance of the building
The placement of the windows allow for maximum natural light which penetrates deep into the work areas, reducing the need for artificial lighting. 50 per cent of the building’s occupants sit immediately next to a window
Employees based at the Peel Regional Office support Alcoa of Australia nationally in the areas of: HR People Services, Procurement, Finance, Real Estate and Facilities Management
Alcoa has reaffirmed its position as a business leader in sustainability, with the new office being an example of best practice in energy efficiency
The land on which the Peel Regional Office is built and the adjacent wetlands are culturally significant areas to local Aboriginal people. Aboriginal communities are closely consulted on rehabilitation work and restoration work at the adjacent wetlands area