Land Management
Alcoa of Australia owns and operates significant parcels of land around the country which are home to diverse land uses including: farmland and woodland, salt marsh and sand dune, coastal salt water wetlands and fresh water wetlands.  Land management for our sites covers both the operational footprint and the surrounding areas. We strive to achieve and exceed the highest standards of environmental performance in relation to the management of all of our land.

Our continual improvement philosophy starts with our Environmental Management System, which is used in our refineries, smelters and mining operations.   Alcoa’s EMS has been certified to international environmental standard ISO14001, which requires each location to identify activities with the potential to significantly affect the environment, define the controls in place to manage those risks and develop action plans for improvement.

The Alcoa aluminium process in Australia starts with the mining of bauxite ore in the Darling Range south of Perth.  While we do clear selected sections of jarrah forest in order to access the bauxite, we are a recognised world leader in mine site rehabilitation and were the first mining company in the world to achieve 100 per cent plant species richness in our rehabilitated mine site areas.  Alcoa has been recognised with a number of awards commending our rehabilitation work. Read more.

Alcoa’s Pinjarra and Wagerup alumina refineries in Western Australia, the Point Henry and Portland Aluminium smelters in Victoria, and the Anglesea Power Station in Victoria are all surrounded by large areas of non-operational, but Alcoa-owned or leased land.  The area which surrounds our Pinjarra and Wagerup refineries is used for Alcoa’s farmland operations, while the Alcoa-managed land around Point Henry and Portland Aluminium is recognised as benchmark in conservation and sustainability.

Each site has its own unique set of environmental priorities and land management needs.  Click through this Land Management section to find out more.