Energy Management
Alcoa's refining and smelting operations in Australia are energy intensive.  We are in the business of making alumina and aluminium - and these processes require a significant amount of energy.  In Western Australia we operate on natural gas, and in Victoria our energy needs are met with power generated from brown coal, as are the power needs of most industries and domestic users in that state. In Western Australia we consume approximately 25 per cent of the state’s total domestic gas supply. Because we are energy intensive, and because we all must play a role in being part of the solution to climate change, we are constantly investigating the most energy efficient, greenhouse friendly ways of doing business.
Energy is a top priority for Alcoa for three main reasons.  First, we need a long-term supply of competitively priced energy if we are to maintain our international competitiveness.  Second, without a secure energy supply, future investments in Alcoa’s operations will become increasingly harder to justify. And third, as a large consumer of energy we need to be conscious of and manage our environmental footprint.
Future energy supply is possibly the most vital issue confronting our entire country.  Energy is the lifeblood of Australia’s mining and manufacturing economy which together accounts for 80 per cent of Australia’s exports.  At the same time, energy is pivotal to the big issues of climate change and Australia’s capacity to meet its greenhouse and economic challenges – which is why Alcoa believes we need a National Energy Strategy for the future.
Alcoa’s future growth is reliant on energy availability and price – a challenge not unique to our business.  At Alcoa, we believe we have a role to play in helping to discover new energy sources and we continue to invest in this area. Read more.

Energy Security for WA

Alcoa's Managing Director Alan Cransberg has called for a greater focus on energy security and gas availability for WA’s domestic market
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