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Ten years of care for WA rivers
Western Australia’s rivers have been given a boost thanks to the Swan Alcoa Landcare Program, known as SALP.
More than $600,000 was granted to 22 local community groups at a recent funding ceremony, which will go towards helping to keep the State’s rivers healthy.
The 2008 funding has been distributed to groups which aim to protect, revegetate and rehabilitate the land around the Swan region.
Since SALP started in 1998, it has funded more than 600 projects worth $3.2 million and has been responsible for over 200 hectares of weed removal and more than one million trees being planted.
We are extremely proud that by the end of next year Alcoa will have invested $2.8 million into protecting and restoring our natural resources through SALP and we  pay tribute to the hundreds of volunteers who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty so we can all live in a sustainable environment.
Applications are now open for the 2009 funding round and are available on the Swan Catchment Council website at

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Representatives from 22 local community groups gathered for SALP's recent funding ceremony . More than $600,000 was granted to the groups to help keep the State's rivers healthy.

City of Bayswater Mayor Lou Magro (far left) and CEO Mario Carosella (middle) receiving their Local Government Award from Colin Heinzman (Swan Catchment Council), Charlie Welker (Swan River Trust) and Alcoa's Managing Director Alan Cransberg.