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Alcoa - Employer of Choice for Women
Alcoa of Australia was very proud to be named an ‘Employer of Choice for Women’ by the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) for the seventh consecutive year.
On accepting the award, Alcoa’s Managing Director Alan Cransberg said encouraging diversity and providing opportunities for women to realise their career potential had been pivotal to improving the company’s sustainability and success.
“This confirms my conviction that by developing an organisational culture that provides our employees with the opportunity to succeed professionally and maintain a work/life balance, we all benefit – both individually and as a business,” he said.
“Culture change at Alcoa is built on a number of workplace policies such as paid parental leave, part-time work, job sharing, work at home arrangements and strategic recruitment.  These are regularly reviewed to improve workplace inclusiveness and flexibility for all employees.”
“And by addressing barriers to women’s full participation in the workforce we are implementing work practices that have the potential to benefit all our employees. This is becoming particularly important as we are seeing different generational expectations as baby boomers begin to retire and generation Y continue to enter the workforce.”
Mr. Cransberg said Alcoa had made significant progress on providing career opportunities for women.  Currently around 20 percent of managers at Alcoa are women, up from three percent only a decade ago.

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