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Alcoa’s employees successfully engage stakeholders
A great deal of energy and effort goes into building and maintaining relationships. Alcoa of Australia’s community and neighbour relations officers, plant leadership teams and business specialists spend a lot of time working with stakeholders to grow knowledge and influence perceptions of the business.
Since 2008, Alcoa has undertaken a detailed survey to better understand and respond to matters that are important to its stakeholders and develop strategies that align the business with the needs of the communities in which it operates.
This measure of how well Alcoa is doing to engage stakeholders and meet their expectations is considered an extremely valuable tool by management.
Designed and administered by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR), the biannual stakeholder perception survey explores:
  • Social licence to operate
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Reputation
  • Communication quality
  • Awareness and satisfaction with our handling of strategic issues
  • Awareness and satisfaction with our community partnerships
Last year’s survey, completed by 415 respondents across Australia including neighbours, community partners, representatives from all levels of government, media, environment groups and suppliers, indicated strong performance and improvements in the survey measures for most Alcoa sites when compared to the 2010 data.
A key indicator of Alcoa’s position in the community is social licence to operate which increased to 3.96 out of a possible rating of 5 (average of all sites in Australia). Defined as the level of acceptance or approval that an organisation enjoys among stakeholders, a score of 4 is considered ‘very good’ and was achieved by a number of sites. In fact, work undertaken by ACCSR suggests Alcoa’s social licence is among the top third of resources companies in Australia.
Other key findings show that many strategies to build stakeholder support and respond to issues are working:
  • The volunteer contributions of Alcoa employees in the community are very highly valued by stakeholders
  • Alcoa’s local employment and procurement policies are highly regarded by stakeholders
  • Since 2010 there has been an increased awareness and satisfaction in Alcoa’s signature environmental partnership with Greening Australia
  • There has been an increase in the level of satisfaction regarding handling of community health concerns since 2010
  • Victoria’s Point Henry and Portland Aluminium smelters and Anglesea coal mine and power station all had reputation scores above the benchmark
  • In Western Australia there is strong recognition and approval of work done to return Jarrah forest ecosystems after mining
The survey also highlighted that continual hard work is required relative to relationships with government officials, local environmental groups and neighbours, who generally granted the lowest levels of social licence to operate and felt the most impacted by operations.
While Alcoa knew many employees influenced stakeholder perceptions about the business, the results are always a timely reminder of the importance of ongoing, meaningful two-way communication.
This was most recently recognised at Alcoa Inc’s global Impact Awards in America which celebrated exemplary performance in six business categories. Wagerup refinery won the community engagement category for the work the team has done to rebuild its relationships with the local community.
For further information about the survey contact Manager Corporate Affairs - Western Australian Operations, Jodie Read via jodie.read@alcoa.com.au.

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Informing and consulting the community is an important part of the way we do business.