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Alcoa to supply airbus
Alcoa Inc in America, 60% owner of Alcoa of Australia Limited, recently signed multi-year agreements valued at approximately US$1.4 billion to supply Airbus with products for virtually all of the passenger-jet maker’s commercial programs, including the new A350 and the A380.
Under the deal, signed in July, Alcoa will supply aluminium and aluminium-lithium wing parts and fuselage panels for Airbus’ A320 and A380 jetliners as well as the A350 wide-body jet that is still in development.
Alcoa’s hard alloy extruded products, including rod, drawn tubing and extruded shapes for wing stringers and floor structures, will be supplied from plants in Lafayette, Indiana and Halethorpe in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States, and Hannover in Germany. Alcoa flat rolled products will be supplied from the company’s plants in Davenport, Iowa in the United States, Kitts Green in the United Kingdom, and Belaya Kalitva in Russia. A new greenfield plant in Lafayette as well as facilities in Kitts Green and at the Alcoa Technical Centre, Pennsylvania, will cast aluminium lithium to support the global Alcoa aerospace supply chain.
Alcoa’s aluminium was used on the world’s first flight, by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the United States, in 1903, and the company now has a vast aerospace portfolio generating revenue of US$3.4 billion a year.
Alcoa’s aerospace solutions run from nose to tail and from wing-tip to wing-tip. Alcoa has been at the forefront of every major milestone in aerospace history based on its commitment to continually innovate and to have a ‘beyond materials’ philosophy – where materials, structures and designs work together to provide optimal solutions for customers.

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