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miracle metal shines at sculpture by the sea
It’s light weight, endlessly recyclable, resistant to corrosion and aesthetically stunning: a few of the reasons aluminium featured in eight artworks at this year’s Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe in Western Australia.
2012 marked the eighth year of Alcoa of Australia’s partnership with the iconic sculpture exhibition and, once again, the company supported several artists who chose to sculpt with aluminium. This year four Western Australians worked with aluminium: Richard Hammer, Buffy Jones, Johannes Pannekoek and Melanie Maclou.
“Many people don’t realise it, but aluminium is all around us all the time,” said Alcoa of Australia Managing Director, Alan Cransberg, “in buildings, outdoor furniture, iPods, computers, mobile phones, jumbo jets, cars and more – and for three weeks it was on display for West Aussies to see in the form of sculpture at Cottesloe.
“That’s what I love about the product we make – its versatility.
“We call aluminium a miracle metal for a number of reasons; of course it can be used in so many different products but also, importantly, it’s such a sustainable material. We’ve done modelling to show that the increased use of aluminium in transport has the potential to make the entire aluminium industry greenhouse gas neutral by 2030*.”
Alcoa’s partnership with Sculpture by the Sea includes the 'Alcoa School Education Program' which this year saw over 2,300 students, 300 from schools around Alcoa’s operations, participate in hands-on workshops with exhibiting artists, creating mini-masterpieces of their own using aluminium wire and aluminium foil. In addition, thousands of other students attended Sculpture by the Sea to learn more about the arts, because their teachers utilise the online teaching resources available as part of the wider ‘Alcoa School Education Program’.
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Sculpture by the Sea Director David Handley, WA Premier Colin Barnett, WA artist Johannes Pannekoek and Alcoa Managing Director Alan Cransberg with Johannes’ aluminium sculpture Convolution.