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alcoa greening the landscape

Alcoa’s partnership with Greening Australia is bearing fruit, with 145,220 trees planted this year with the helping hands of hundreds of community and Alcoa volunteers – a significant achievement!

Alcoa and the Alcoa Foundation have funded the 2011 plantings, with most trees planted in the Peel-Harvey region in Western Australia.

peel-harvey biolinks project

The 145,220 trees planted across 200 hectares in WA will sequester around 80,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 20 years! They have also helped establish phase one of the Peel-Harvey Biolinks Project - a visionary landscape restoration project that will link land and waterways from the Darling Scarp to the shores of the Peel Estuary.

“The Peel-Harvey Biolinks Project is part of a broader vision for sustainable living in the region,” says Brian Doy, Alcoa Corporate Affairs General Manager. “In partnering with Greening Australia, the Peel Harvey Catchment Council and others, we can provide funding and help bring together technical expertise, land, community volunteers and engagement with landowners and other stakeholders. Together, we can achieve something of enormous value for future generations – the preservation and enhancement of the unique Peel environment and the lifestyle it offers.”

“This year’s tree-planting effort in the Peel has been fantastic,” says Tony Hiscock, Alcoa Farmlands Manager at Pinjarra. “Despite the dirt, flies and heat, around 200 school children, 50 trainees, 330 volunteers and numerous community groups all pitched in and made a real difference to our environment.”

In Victoria, 4,500 seedlings were planted in Taradale, Moolapio and Anglesea, with 20 Alcoans getting their hands dirty during Month of Service to help out their local communities.

“Angelsea Primary School children, parents and teachers created a wetland area with 1,000 seedlings so they could study the invertebrates and fauna of the local area – developing an environmental learning resource for the future,” said Grey Mackay from Greening Australia.

STOP PRESS: Alcoa Foundation supports ‘recycling near you’ initiative

‘Tis the season to recycle, according to global aluminium company, Alcoa of Australia as it announces a new Alcoa Foundation partnership with environmental organisation, Planet Ark.

Dedicated to bringing about improvements in environmental sustainability through global investment in ‘reduce, recycle, replenish’ campaigns Alcoa Foundation is pushing hard to promote greater recycling rates and reuse of materials worldwide.

Alan Cransberg, Managing Director Alcoa of Australia said: “Alcoa of Australia and Alcoa Foundation are pleased to be supporting Planet Ark and its seasonal Recycling Near You campaign.

“Recycling is a good thing – there are numerous opportunities for us to reduce the impact we have on this planet and to help preserve it for future generations. We are committed to recycling aluminium because it helps reduce waste, conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because recycled aluminium uses just 5% of the energy that goes into producing the original metal.

“We encourage all Australians to recycle – aluminium is known as ‘the miracle metal’ because it’s endlessly recyclable. In fact of all the aluminium ever made, 75% is still in use around the world today.

“Recycling is 100% aligned with Alcoa’s corporate goals around sustainability. It makes a difference and so can you!”

Planet Ark’s seasonal Recycling Near You campaign is the perfect fit for Alcoa and promotes ‘The 12 do’s of Christmas’, available at

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