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alcoa enters hall of fame

Alcoa of Australia has been inducted into the Western Australian Export Hall of Fame. This comes after winning the ‘Minerals and Energy Export’ category at the 2011 WA Industry and Export Awards, for the third time in four years (2008, 2009 and 2011).

Run by the Department of Commerce, the state’s most prestigious business awards acknowledge innovation and the important contribution businesses make through job creation and increased prosperity in the local community.

Alcoa’s Director of Business Development and Marketing, Michael Parker said the award is recognition of the significant value the company adds to the local economy: “Our alumina production in WA accounts for around 11% of world demand and 75 cents in every revenue dollar earned by Alcoa stays in Australia through wages, local purchasing, taxes, capital investment and dividends to Australian shareholders.”

Alcoa is a leading WA exporter, accounting for around 5% of the state’s exports: “We produce a product - aluminium - that is incredibly prevalent and important in today’s world. Aluminium is used in buildings, planes, cars, iPads, computers, mobile phones, DVDs, aluminium foil, cans and so much more.

“Alcoa operates in partnership with the local community and annually contributes more than $5 million to community and not-for-profit organisations. Our investment helps drive sustainable development by supporting reputable community based organisations that deliver long-term community benefits,” Mr Parker said.

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