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pinjarra and anglesea make an impact
Alcoa’s successful personal greenhouse footprint reduction program continues to make an impact in Anglesea and Pinjarra.

‘Make an Impact’ was initially developed in 2006 by Alcoa of Australia in partnership with our signature national partner Greening Australia, as a way to help Alcoa employees and their families reduce their household water and energy use and become part of the solution to climate change. Since then it has become a way of life for many Alcoans with more than 1400 currently involved.

At the beginning of 2011, the program entered a new phase as we opened it up to the wider community. It’s about having fun, reconnecting with your community and doing something positive for the environment.

In September, a second composting workshop was held for residents in Anglesea.  Following the first workshop earlier this year, 20 local participants have been partaking in a ‘compost revolution’ and we’ve been tracking just how much waste they have diverted from entering landfill.

“In the two months since we started, the group has already saved a whopping 650 kilograms of food going to landfill and prevented 11.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere,” said Make an Impact Anglesea coordinator Sarah Bolus.

“This is equivalent to having taken 2.2 cars off the road, averted the use of a year’s electricity usage from 1.4 homes, or planting 294 trees!

“It just shows, something so simple can have a massive impact.”

In Pinjarra, a recent ‘Make an Impact’ tour of Alcoa’s very own worm farm, located at our Pinjarra Refinery, impressed and inspired employees and locals.

At each Alcoa site in WA 'worm farm' bins are located, with the contents then delivered to the Pinjarra worm farm. Each year, on average, our worm farm saves about 140,000 kilograms of kitchen waste from going to landfill. Those wrigglers are not only turning rubbish into garden fertiliser - but also giving us the chance to teach the community about a range of possibilities in our carbon constrained world.

George France, who works at Pinjarra Refinery, attended the recent tour and said: “A close look of these little creatures at work really multiplied my appreciation of the wonders they are doing to our great planet. 

“Not only for the naturally waste-to-fertiliser processing it does, but as it was explained, a carbon offset and income generator as well.  The way you guys are managing it really makes a difference.” 

Our employees also continue to learn new ways to reduce their energy and water use by borrowing Make an Impact Toolkits.

Ian Brown of Kwinana Refinery said: “Besides being directly informative, the Toolkit also raised my general awareness/ consciousness about what appliances I use, how I use them, if I need them, what alternatives I can use and assessing any new appliances with consideration to energy usage.

“One change I have implemented since having the Toolkit is a simple thing … instead of using electricity to boil a kettle, I picked up a funky second hand stove top kettle and use the gas directly. It doesn’t always have to be big things, but what informs our choices makes a difference.”

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