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employees notch up a quarter century
Portland Aluminium’s Jim Wombwell recently celebrated a major milestone – a quarter of a century service with us.

Jim has spent the majority of his 25 years working in the Rodding and Fume areas of the Portland Aluminium smelter in Victoria, in various supervisory roles. 

While Jim has had many achievements in his career, one of the most significant was in 2009, in his current role as Stores Supervisor, when he successfully managed an inventory reduction from $16M to $11M.

Meantime, Point Henry’s Darryl Coulter also clocked up 25 years of service with Alcoa this year. 

Darryl joined Point Henry in 1986 within Alcoa Australia Rolled Products and when asked what his highlights have been over the years, he said: “There are too many to mention. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be here today if life had been boring here at Alcoa!”

More than 60% of our people have been with us for more than 10 years. We believe our employees’ loyalty gives our business great stability, provides the opportunity for young people to learn from experienced employees, and delivers stable, long-term jobs in local communities.

all in the (royal) family at wagerup
Having generations of the same family working within Alcoa is not uncommon. Father and son Kevin and Mitch Royal both work at Wagerup Refinery in Western Australia and love the lifestyle that a career at Alcoa offers.
Kevin began with us in 1994 as a Mechanical Fitter on a three month employment contract and has been here ever since. Mitch began an apprenticeship as a Fitter Machinist this year.

“It was pleasing to know Mitch would have employment and training straight out of school. Getting into an Alcoa apprenticeship was an added bonus as it provides him with excellent conditions and opportunities. It also means he can live and work close to home,” Kevin said.

“I was stoked. Alcoa is well known and has a good reputation,” Mitch said.

The Mandurah locals agree that being able to enjoy the local lifestyle has a big part to play in their choice of work location.

Kevin said he’s worked with some fantastic people over the years and “the opportunities have been countless. But being able to come home everyday is the best. While fly-in fly-out jobs seem attractive to some, spending as much time as possible with my family is more important to me.”

Mitch’s apprenticeship is travelling well: “I’m enjoying the variety of work and learning a lot of skills already. Having the ability to work at Pinjarra in the WA Operations Workshop and to move between each Operating Centre on site at Wagerup is a real advantage.”  

Kevin added: “Alcoa encourages self development and offers a high standard of training which will eventually provide Mitch with many options at the end of his apprenticeship.

“The experience he will gain in the field will be very beneficial to his career development. Also, the opportunity to extend his studies whilst learning his trade is important and I’m sure he will gain support if he chooses to go this way.”

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Jim Wombell (right) receives his 25 year certificate from Metals Manufacturing Manager Paul Thornton.

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Bill Strachan (left) congratulates Darryl Coulter on reaching 25 years of service with Alcoa.

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Father and son Kevin and Mitch Royal both work at Wagerup Refinery in Western Australia and love the lifestyle that a career at Alcoa offers.