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on-ground rehabilitation continues in yarloop
Over 100 people got their hands dirty in the name of environmental rehabilitation as part of National Tree Day (31 July) at the Alcoa Landcare Education Centre (ALEC) in Yarloop, Western Australia.

The community planting day was organised by Greening Australia as a part of its partnership with Alcoa.

Members of the local community joined Alcoa and Greening Australia employees, in rain and severe winds, and planted over 8000 seedlings.

2011 is the 29th year of the partnership between Greening Australia and Alcoa, making it the longest running corporate/not-for-profit partnership in the country.

Alcoa’s Wagerup Refinery Community Relations Manager, Tom Busher, said: “Continuing to address environmental issues through a number of on-ground rehabilitation and conservation projects is a big part of our partnership. When everyone comes together, we can make an even greater positive difference to the community and the environment where we live and work.”

Some of the national Alcoa and Greening Australia partnership achievements for the second quarter of 2011 were:

  • The planting of 16,000 seedlings over two days with 200 school children on Nell’s Block in Yarloop, Western Australia. 
  • The collection of 15 kilograms of native seed in Western Victoria. This is valuable in supporting regional re-vegetation activities near the Grampians National Park and throughout Habitat 141.
A critical component of the on‐going success of our partnership is the active involvement of the community. Second quarter highlights included:

  • The engagement of 35 conservation and landcare trainees in Greening Australia programs across the Peel region of Western Australia and Moolapio in Victoria. These volunteer hours will greatly assist regular on-ground works.
  • The participation of 275 community members in our Make an Impact workshops in Anglesea, Victoria.

our people aid sleep research in perth
Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth has been able to purchase much need sleep disorder diagnosis equipment, thanks to P.E.A.C.H (Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help).

The Somte PSG sleep machine, purchased with money donated by Alcoa employees’, means families can now undertake sleep studies of their children in their own homes, rather than having to stay overnight in the hospital’s sleep laboratory.

PMH Sleep Technologist, Holly Fraser, said the main condition that the new machine will help diagnose is obstructive sleep apnoea.

“This when you basically stop breathing in your sleep,” Ms Fraser said.

“We certainly appreciate PEACH donating the money to enable us to buy another one of these machines. It will reduce the wait time and ultimately help us get more sleep studies done.”

CEO of the PMH Foundation, Denys Pearce, said the PEACH donation is one of the many levels of support PMH receives from the business community.

“Alcoa employees represent a broad cross section of the community and some of them – either as children or parents or grandparents – are going to have some engagement with this hospital. By setting up an organisation like PEACH, which helps many charities like PMH Foundation, it enables the employees to engage and put back into the community, and that’s just fantastic.”

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