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alcoa and aerospace
Acknowledging that “almost every airplane in the world has some kind of Alcoa product in it,” US President Barack Obama thanked employees at Alcoa Davenport Works during a visit to the Iowa facility (US) on 28 June.

“It turns out that you’re responsible for the wings on Air Force One.  So I want to thank all of you for getting me here in one piece.  It was a pretty smooth ride, thanks to Alcoa,” the President said.

Did you know?
  • Alcoa was there at the dawn of aviation and has since patented 95% of all aerospace alloys ever created; 
  • Alcoa (Davenport) produces advanced products for all major aircraft, including Airbus' A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, and Boeing's 747-8 and 777;
  • Alcoa has produced metal for every space vehicle in America’s program, contributing to the moon landing and the US victory in the Space Race; and 
  • Much of the aluminium to make all this possible starts out as dirt in the Darling Range south of Perth in Western Australia. Alcoa of Australia’s alumina production accounts for 11% of total world demand.

Alcoa recently announced we were awarded a new multi-year supply agreement with Airbus for aluminium sheet and plate products utilising our current and advanced-generation aluminium alloys. The agreement has a value of approximately US$1 billion over its life.

Alcoa’s leading aluminium solutions will be used across virtually all Airbus commercial aircraft programs, from short-range/single-aisle to long-haul/twin-aisle jets including the A380, and range from fuselage panels to structural components to Airbus’ newest wing skins.

This year Alcoa launched a number of new aerospace solutions including new proprietary alloys and advanced structural technologies that will lower the weight, cost and maintenance of new aircraft, compared to composites.

Alcoa’s aerospace business comprises four units with operations across the world totalling approximately $3 billion in revenues and number one share positions in their markets: Alcoa Global Rolled Products and Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions serving the structures market; and Alcoa Fastening Systems and Alcoa Power and Propulsion.

Alcoa’s aerospace solutions run from nose to tail and from wing-tip to wing-tip. Alcoa has been at the forefront of every major milestone in aerospace history based on its commitment to continually innovate and a “beyond materials” philosophy – where materials, structures and designs work in concert to provide optimal solutions for customers.

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