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employees 'green' their environments
Hundreds of back gardens in Western Australia have received new bursts of life this month as part of Alcoa’s worldwide Green Works initiative.

We’ve given each WA employee two native seedlings to plant in their own environment or community.

Green Works, created this year by Alcoa Foundation, encourages our people to volunteer to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle to save energy, and plant trees to replenish the environment.

Alcoa of Australia’s General Manager of Climate Strategy, Tim McAuliffe, said all the trees planted by employees are part of a much bigger picture.

“We’re aiming to plant ten million new trees globally by 2020 under our ‘Ten Million Trees’ program and all the trees our people plant - in Pinjarra and Mandurah, Harvey and Waroona, Kwinana and Rockingham right through to Bunbury and Perth - will help achieve that goal,” Mr McAuliffe said.

“Many people know Alcoa in WA is a world leader in mine site rehabilitation, because we’ve won numerous awards for this work. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are many more trees we plant, and encourage our people to plant, separate to our rehab efforts, as just one part of Alcoa’s solution to tackling climate change.

“It’s estimated that those ten million new trees will absorb more than 250,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year during their lifetime,” Mr McAuliffe said.

Alcoa Foundation President Paula Davis said: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Alcoa. Green Works aims to get our employees and their families involved in greening their communities and encourages them to become environmental ambassadors.”

‘Ten Million Trees’ has been running since 2003. It followed the success of Alcoa’s ‘One Million Trees’ program which began in 1998 with the goal of planting one million trees within 10 years.  Employees, contractors and their families, at more than 140 Alcoa locations in 20 countries, raced to that goal in half the time expected.

Moving forward, Green Works will run annually from 21 April through 21 June.

making an impact in pinjarra and anglesea
Local communities within the Shire of Murray in WA are being offered a helping hand to reduce their personal greenhouse footprint, thanks to Alcoa’s Make an Impact program.

Make an Impact was initially created by the Alcoa Foundation and Greening Australia in 2006 to help Alcoa employees in Australia reduce their energy and water use and become part of the solution to climate change. Since then more than 1400 Alcoans have become involved, making simple and practical changes to their homes and lifestyles.

The community roll out of Make an Impact began in 2010 when we shared the program with the employees of our existing Victoria sustainability partner, Barwon Water. Then, earlier this year the community of Anglesea became involved with various workshops attended by community members and a goal to make the local Community House carbon neutral. Get involved if you’re in Anglesea.

Now, following on from this success, Shire of Murray residents have the opportunity to learn how they too can live more sustainably. A number of free workshops will be held over the next four months, at the Alcoa Discovery Centre in Pinjarra, where participants will be able to learn about sustainable clothing, composting, and saving water and energy.  For more information or to book into the workshops, please contact Lesley Thomas from Greening Australia on 0431 050 831 or

Check out our Make an Impact website which features a range of carbon reduction tips to help you reduce your greenhouse footprint at home, while on the move, at the shops, in the garden and at work.  Featuring discussion about the impact of climate change worldwide, and facts about Australia’s greenhouse footprint, the website is also a useful resource for school students.

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Huntly employees Claudia Bennett and Tristan Lawrence pick up their seedlings as part of Green Works

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Kwinana Refinery employees Clare Barnett with Celeste McNess

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Jayson Stanley, Paul Chriscoli and Steve Pope at Kwinana Refinery

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Chris Branch and Sue McLaughlin of Alcoa's Peel Regional Office in Pinjarra

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Wagerup Refinery employees Maya Hogarth, Heather Nieman and Estelle Whitford

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Launching Make an Impact into the Pinjarra community - (L-R) Pinjarra Refinery Manager Simon Pascoe, Alcoa's National Partnerships Manager Sarah Fordham with Greening Australia WA CEO Craig Anderson

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Pinjarra employee Karen Racco with her family at the Pinjarra Festival where we had a Make an Impact stall