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Learn something about Alcoa that you didn’t know before.

We produce a product that is unique and undeniably part of our everyday lives.

As the world prepares to deal with 'megatrends' - a rapidly growing population, ever-expanding cities and an unprecedented demand for energy - Alcoa is finding ways to meet today's challenges with innovative aluminium solutions. 

Aluminium’s light weight, durability, endless recyclability and high conductivity position it as a true “miracle metal” that can meet the demands of a new world.

There can be no better validation of the uniquely sustainable characteristics of aluminium, than the fact that 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

“The world is experiencing fundamental shifts that will shape the next 50 years. We will experience changes in all aspects of life – where we live, what we consume, how we travel. These trends are driving worldwide growth and demand for aluminium,” Alcoa's Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld told investors at Alcoa’s 123rd Annual Meeting of Shareholders in the US this month.

Alcoa expects a 6.5% compound annual growth rate in aluminium demand, or roughly a doubling in global consumption and supply by 2020 from a 2010 baseline.

“The number of applications where aluminium is the material of choice is expanding and that foreshadows staggering growth for our miracle metal. This growth, in turn, will cause growth in both bauxite and alumina,” Kleinfeld said.

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