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top employer for 10th year running
For the 10th consecutive year, Alcoa of Australia has been named an ‘Employer of Choice for Women’ by the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.

The Employer of Choice for Women (EOCFW) citation is a prestigious acknowledgment of organisations that are recognising and advancing women in the workplace. Organisations must demonstrate they have policies and practices to support women across the business, and show how this is achieving positive outcomes for both women and the organisation.

Alcoa’s Director of Talent, Learning and Development, Jann Kinsela, said providing opportunities for women to realise their career potential have been central strategies for Alcoa for many years.

“We absolutely rely on talented people to run our operations, so having a strong flexibility offering - for both men and women – is fundamental to our success.

“It simply makes good business sense for organisations to offer flexibility because if you don’t you’re cutting off your pool of potential talent when it comes to recruitment,” Ms Kinsela said.

Alcoa believes its people management strategies are working, with 60% of employees being with the company for more than 10 years. Alcoa’s return to work rates also remain high and data suggests it’s the company’s ability to offer part-time work for women returning from maternity leave that has had a significant impact on the retention of women.

“Embracing diversity and striving to bring more women into our business means we have a better chance of attracting, and frankly retaining, the right people who will be the best fit for the company and who are best placed to deliver business results we need.

“Alcoa’s workplace policies include things like 13 weeks paid maternity leave, job share opportunities, working from home arrangement in some roles – and all these things are regularly reviewed to ensure they stay relevant to the needs of our people.”

EOWA Acting Director, Mairi Steele, said: “Bolstering gender equality in workplaces is not just a social justice issue; these organisations represent smart business management. They are positioning themselves to attract and retain the best female talent in what is still a highly competitive market for skilled employees. Women now represent just over 50% of university graduates and are a huge proportion of the talent pool.

“While we are delighted at the success of the 98 EOCFW organisations, over 2,500 organisations report to EOWA each year, so there is plenty of room for the remaining ones to step up to the mark.”

Currently 25% of managers at Alcoa are women, up from only 3% more than a decade ago. Today, 35% of Alcoa’s corporate group is female, while 11% of the total workforce is women.

Read stories of Alcoa women utilising flexibility polices at: www.alcoa.com.au/employerofchoice

update on the status of the anglesea mine lease renewal - message from anglesea power station manager,
stephanie pearce

"Supplying 40% of its energy requirements since 1969, the Anglesea Power Station has played a critical role in the success of Alcoa’s Smelting and Rolling operations at Point Henry in Geelong.

It has been Alcoa’s stated intent for many years to exercise its second 50 year mining lease renewal option (post 2011) under the terms of the Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Act 1961 and it will therefore continue to be a critical part of Point Henry’s future.
Many people will be aware Alcoa has the right to continue under its current terms for a further 50 years but has elected to enter into a process with the Victorian Government to revise the terms. There are no financial or legal incentives for the company to do so and our commitment to dialogue is a further example of the voluntary leadership Alcoa has shown in relation to environmental stewardship and other matters throughout 48 years of continuous operation in Victoria.
In recent weeks there has been increased community and media interest in the status of the renewal process and future mining arrangements that Alcoa is considering.
While the details of discussions with the government remain confidential, Alcoa has developed a Work Plan as part of the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) requirements of the ongoing process. The Work Plan is a technical document which identifies coal reserves within Alcoa’s lease area that may be subjected to future mining. It will be used to provide guidance to operational staff at the mine, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders to ensure professional management standards and to facilitate decision making on further, more detailed mine planning in the future.
The coal reserves identified in the Work Plan are consistent with those shared with the local community as early as 2006 - no new coal has been identified nor is Alcoa pursuing any additional reserves outside the Work Plan or as part of the renewal terms.
It is important to note that Alcoa has a current coal mining plan in place to 2016. The company does not have detailed plans necessary for beyond this point. The development of these is set to commence in 2012 and they will be based upon logical mine sequences that incorporate the relevant social, environmental and economic conditions of the day. Community consultation- as always and as expected- will be a critical component of this process.
The framework for community consultation is being developed at present and the scope will include the development of environment improvement and biodiversity action plans. There are of course many current initiatives that will be incorporated into the process including our continued commitment to co-manage the Anglesea Heath with Parks Victoria, participation in a proposed update of the Anglesea Heath Management Plan and the further development of a climate change strategy that has overseen the recent signing of a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with Greenearth Energy and the impending announcement of over $500 000 of grant funding for bio-energy research and carbon reduction partnership programs.
In the meantime, our regular operations continue as usual. Our associated consultation activities also continue and I look forward to keeping you informed on this and other matters relating to our business."
Stephanie Pearce
Anglesea Power Station Manager
Alcoa of Australia

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