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alcoa and greening australia grow stronger together
We’ve just entered a new three year partnership agreement with Greening Australia, kicking off an exciting period in this 29 year relationship.

This is Alcoa of Australia’s signature national partnership, supported at two levels by Alcoa of Australia and the Alcoa Foundation. 

It focuses on environmental conservation and sustainability, with our total investment in 2011 over AUD$1.6 million.

This partnership touches every community where we operate in Australia, and beyond. It addresses environmental issues in landscapes that are of strategic importance to both organisations. 

Our partnership is part of Alcoa’s integrated multifaceted carbon strategy – we are working both inside and outside our gates to reduce emissions as well as connecting with community partners to further make an impact.

We look forward to updating you throughout the year on the activities and achievements of our work with Greening Australia, but here’s a quick snapshot of what’s planned or is already underway:

  • Transforming landscapes: Continuing to address environmental issues through a number of on-ground rehabilitation and conservation projects such as Nell’s Block in WA and Moolapio in Victoria.  These projects will also allow for extensive community involvement and capacity building.

  • Make an Impact: A program created by Alcoa and Greening Australia in 2006 which continues to help individuals become part of the solution to climate change. 2011 will see the program rolled out in two communities around our operations, Anglesea and Pinjarra.

  • WA sustainable landscape research project: Phosphorus management to protect RAMSAR Wetlands. Based in the Peel Harvey catchment of WA, this project builds on a partnership between Greening Australia, Alcoa, University of Western Australia and the Harvey River Restoration Taskforce and aims to deliver productivity, biodiversity and water-quality benefits to the region.

  • Victorian sustainable landscape research project: Harnessing bioenergy markets to build resilient landscapes. Loss of biodiversity and elevated atmospheric carbon are two problems arising from the over-clearing of land for agriculture throughout much of Australia.  While emerging carbon markets provide a real opportunity for large scale revegetation, there is a risk that this could result in large tracts of monoculture plantings, creating associated environmental and social problems.  Based in Victoria’s south-west, this project aims to develop and apply models for integrated land-uses which not only enhance productivity, but capture CO2 and enhance biodiversity, through strategically placed mixed native species plantations.  

  • National revegetation project, linked with Alcoa’s existing Ten Million Trees program: This revegetation project is more than just a tree planting exercise and will be spread across five priority sites associated with Alcoa operations in Australia. Alcoa employees, their families and communities will contribute to improving their local environment in a very hands-on way.  This will deliver in the vicinity of 50,000 new plants into the ecosystem.

Through all of these programs, the involvement of Alcoa employees and local community members will be critical to their success and we look forward to working with you this year.

community service award for alcoa engineer
Congratulations to our very own Ray Vergone who was awarded the ‘Meritorious Community Service Award’ at the Shire of Waroona’s Australia Day celebrations this year.

Ray, one of Alcoa’s Engineers and Project Managers, has lent a hand to his local community over many years including offering his volunteer services for structural engineering sign off, feasibility studies, business plans or manual labour.

Ray is one of thousands of Alcoa employees worldwide who are involved in our long-running successful volunteering initiatives, which include the ACTION and Bravo! programs.

These two programs, administered by the Alcoa Foundation, generate thousands in community funding annually, which benefits all aspects of the community - from emergency services and health care, to the environment, conservation projects and schools.

ACTION (Alcoans Coming Together In Our Neighborhoods) recognises the team effort of at least five Alcoa employees who spend a minimum of four hours on a community service project for a local not-for-profit, community or non-governmental organisation. In recognition of the team's effort, Alcoa makes a contribution to the organisation and grants are up to US$3,000.

Bravo! recognises individual Alcoa employees’ who volunteer 50 hours of personal time, in one year, to a not-for-profit, community or non-governmental organisation. Every Alcoa employee in Australia is entitled to one Bravo! grant each year valued at US$250.

Ray has also been involved in projects in his local area at facilities including: the Quambie Park Aged Care Facility, Darling Range Golf Club, Waroona Basketball Association and St. Joseph’s School.

In addition to the ongoing assistance that Ray offers to a number of groups, he has also been regularly called upon to assist the Waroona’s Cricket and Football Clubs, Pinjarra Visitor Centre and the Waroona Shire.

Read more about employee volunteering at:

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Make an Impact hit schools around our operations last year

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Alcoa employee Ray Vergone being awarded the ‘Meritorious Community Service Award’ by the Shire of Waroona. Scroll down for full story.

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