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aluminium in fashion

High-fashion runways. Primary aluminium production. Worlds apart? Not in Spain, thanks to an Alcoa employee and his daughter, and their shared love for aluminium.

Isabel Piñar, daughter of José Manuel Piñar who is an operator at Alcoa San Ciprián (Spain), is climbing the ladder of success in the competitive world of fashion thanks to her extraordinarily flattering and dazzling aluminium design outfits.

23 year old Isabel earned second place prize at Tesoira, a fashion fair for young Galician designers. 

Members of the Tesoira panel valued the impeccable staging and the parading of the different parts, but also they visited the dressing room to examine the materials and tailoring. Aluminium was the most dazzling material in the collection and accessories, inspired by the Mayan, Incan and African tribes.

alcoa wheels selected as “top 5” product
Alcoa’s LvL ONE® wide base aluminium wheel has been selected as a “Top 5” Product of 2010 by Heavy Duty Aftermarket Journal.

Leading editors selected products that exhibit innovation, usefulness to the end user, effectiveness in improving performance and serviceability, and potential to help distributors gain more business.

As part of the LvL ONE® wheel family, Alcoa LvL ONE® wide base wheels combine the advantages of the lightest weight, brightest appearance and strongest payload capacity in their class with the benefits of a wide base wheel application.

The 14-inch Alcoa LvL ONE® wide base wheel weighs just 62 pounds, saving 1,350 pounds over steel single wheels on an 18-wheeler - that weight savings translates to improved load capacity or improved fuel economy for the vehicle.

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