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aerospace alloy sunglasses
Oakley is the latest company to embrace the versatility of aluminium.

Its new Jury sunglasses are made from aerospace aluminium alloy and, thanks to our metal, are designed for top-quality performance and protection.

Why aluminium? “We wanted Jury to be made of metal but still provide the comfort of a light weight design,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden.

This application of aluminium shows the flexibility of our miracle metal – from spacecraft to fashion.

“The chosen aerospace alloy was originally engineered to take the punishment that aircraft and space vehicles endure, and we shaped it with styling that brings a fresh, self-assured look,” Mr Baden said.

Did you know that an aluminium component is 40% – 50% lighter than an equivalent steel component? Alcoa also works with Boeing, Airbus, and the car industry and every 10% reduction in weight through aluminium produces between 6% and 8% in fuel savings - with a consequent reduction in vehicle greenhouse emissions.

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