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an inCANvenient truth
Click here to watch our new video about the importance of recycling aluminium cans. 
This video, An InCANvenient Truth, formed part of Alcoa’s campaign to launch its first iPhone app. The app, called Aluminate™, aims to educate the wider audience about the importance of recycling aluminium.

While much of the app functionality is not applicable here in Australia, it does contain useful recycling information, fun aluminium facts, videos and more, which are accessible to Australian iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

alcoa ... largest recycler of aluminium in australia
We recycle around 55,000 tonnes of aluminium each year at our Yennora recycling operation in western Sydney – that includes the recycling of around half a billion cans.

Did you know …
  • Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough electricity to run a television for three hours?
  • A can is recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in as few as 60 days?  
  • Aluminium is almost endlessly recyclable and provides significant greenhouse benefits? 
  • Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy it would take to make new metal from scratch, while nearly three-quarters of all aluminium ever made since 1886 remains in use today?
recycling solutions through partnerships
Here in Australia, we are using partnerships to help boost community recycling rates, and the Western Victorian Public Place Recycling Project is a great example.

The partnership, launched in Victoria in May 2010, impacts the Surf Coast, Geelong (around our Point Henry and Anglesea Operations) and Southwest Victoria (near Portland Aluminium) regions and has seen the installation of best practice recycling infrastructure in public places - including within sporting venues, recreational areas and main streets.

The Project is an initiative of Alcoa Foundation, Sustainability Victoria, Barwon Regional Waste Management Group (BRWMG) and the Southwest Waste Reduction Group.  The Alcoa Foundation is funding the recycling infrastructure via a US$86,000 grant.

While Australians have become excellent recyclers in their own homes, their recycling efforts are somewhat hindered in public places where recycling bins are traditionally not readily available.  This project aims to overcome these challenges and Alcoa hopes this partnership will lead the way in inspiring other Australian regions to consider similar projects.

The Western Victorian Public Place Recycling Project follows the success of a similar program initially launched at major sporting venues across Victoria, including Geelong’s Skilled Stadium, in 2007.

Read more about recycling. 

Read more about Alcoa Australia Rolled Products, the Alcoa business unit which operates the Yennora recycling operation in Australia, at www.alcoa.com.au/aarp.

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Sustainability Victoria’s Chief Executive Anita Roper, with Alcoa Anglesea employee Darren Eskrigge and his son William at the recycling partnership launch in May 2010.