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ferrari selects alcoa wheels

Aluminium is endlessly recyclable and light weight, which offers significant greenhouse savings.  Every kilogram of aluminium used in a car potentially saves a net 20 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions over the car’s life – a benefit clearly recognised by Ferrari.

Alcoa’s light weight forged aluminium wheels will be one of the main features on the new and critically acclaimed Ferrari 458 Italia. 

The use of forged aluminium wheel technology, pioneered by Alcoa, ensures that the front wheel weighs just 10.3 kilograms, while the rear wheel weighs only 11.5 kilograms. This is a significant saving, compared with a typical cast aluminium wheel, and a result that is only achievable with a forging process.

These weights are all the more remarkable in view of the sizes; wheel diameters are increased to 20 inches to accommodate large carbon-ceramic brake discs, and rim widths of 8.5 inches (front) and 10.5 inches (rear) are required by the latest generation of high performance tires.

“The weight saving possible with Alcoa’s forged aluminium wheels helps to achieve the sharp handling and steering response for which Ferrari is famous,” said Victor Marquez, Vice President and General Manager, Alcoa Auto Wheels.

“As well as styling freedom, Alcoa’s forged wheels offer a quick-to-market, cost-effective weight reduction,” explained Marquez.

Lower wheel mass decreases rotational inertia, meaning forged wheels require less energy to spin up to speed during acceleration. This also helps reduce the gyroscopic effect of high speed rotation, improving steering response and performance. The light weight wheels also improve grip, traction and braking resulting in better vehicle control and a smoother ride, because Alcoa’s wheels stay in contact with the road better than heavier cast wheels.

In the critical transportation industry, research in lifecycle modelling has shown that by 2030 the emissions of the entire aluminium industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector’s increased use of aluminium.

Wheels for the new Ferrari are forged at Alcoa’s Cleveland, Ohio (US) Works Plant. For more information, visit

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