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portland aluminium digs in for national tree day 
Portland Aluminium, Greening Australia and Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation volunteers joined forces recently as part of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day activities.

Around 20 volunteers helped to revegetate a degraded section of the Fitzroy River bank at Tyrendarra, planting indigenous trees and shrubs.

Greening Australia’s Dave Warne welcomed the strong commitment from Portland Aluminium and Winda Mara, as well as the organisations’ continued involvement in environmental projects.

“Activities such as National Tree Day provide positive outcomes for volunteers by providing valuable education about biodiversity, and the community benefits from their assistance in revegetating fragile areas of our region.”

“The National Tree Day site at Tyrendarra is being re-vegetated with the aim of providing roosting habitat for the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot, as well as a range of other species. 

“The site is significant due to its close proximity to known or potential feeding sites for the Parrot, including the Fitzroy and Surry River estuaries,” he said. 

The re-vegetation at Tyrendarra complements significant works undertaken on several properties over the past four years, under the Western Wetlands Project.  Approximately 40 hectares of conservation work has been completed at this site, including four kilometers of fencing along the Fitzroy River frontage and several wetlands.

“The selection of indigenous trees and shrubs which have been propagated from locally collected seed, will provide important habitat for native fauna,” added Doug Phillips of Greening Australia.

Portland Aluminium Operations Manager John Osborne said Portland Aluminium has a long-history of supporting National Tree Day.

“We have been celebrating National Tree Day for as long as I can remember and it’s an excellent opportunity to come together to help improve the environment in which we live and work,” he said.

“We have long running partnerships with both Greening Australia and Winda Mara and this is just another example of how we can build on those relationships and enable further opportunities to work with our partners in different and meaningful ways.

“It is an excellent example of organisations coming together to improve the environment, raise awareness in the community and help educate our future generations.”

National Tree Day is Australia’s biggest community tree planting event and aims to create a positive impact on the environment by providing food and shelter for wildlife and combating problems such as salinity and erosion.

kids get serious about climate change
National Science Week saw kids from Bertram Primary School, near our Kwinana Refinery, learn how to become part of the solution to climate change.

Kindergarten through to year six students participated in ‘Make an Impact’ activities with Alcoa employees.

Alcoa’s Make an Impact program was created in collaboration with our long-time community partner Greening Australia in 2006 and continues to help Alcoans reduce their home water and energy use.

This year, Alcoa has been rolling out Make an Impact to the community – including within schools around our operations.  60 schools around the country have been given Make an Impact Toolkits aimed at helping kids and their families understand climate change and identify simple things they can do around the home to make a difference. Bertram Primary School is the latest school to be gifted a Toolkit.

During Science Week, the Bertram students learned tips on how to, and why it’s important to, reduce their personal water and energy consumption. Guided by Alcoa employees, they used the tools from their Make an Impact Toolkit to discover that different household appliances use different amounts of electricity and looked at ways they could save power in their own homes.

Bertram Deputy Principal Jane Weir said: “One of our main targets and beliefs of our school is to educate our children to have more positive environmental behaviour.

“It helps make students think along the line of how they can positively impact the environment.”

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Portland Aluminium volunteers recently participated in Planet Ark's National Tree Day

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Alcoa Community Education Officer Moira Oliver with children from Bertram Primary School. Scroll down for full story.

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Alcoa has donated 60 Make an Impact Toolkits to schools around our operations - helping kids to become part of the solution to climate change

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Bertram Primary School Principal Geoff Hood, with Alcoa Kwinana Community Relations Officer Rod Mapstone