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warro gas exploration: forging ahead
Alcoa continues to play our part in finding solutions toward a secure energy future for all Western Australians.

WA depends on natural gas to power households, support essential services, and secure longevity for industry, and Alcoa has been very public about our concerns for a long term energy security strategy that meets domestic needs. 

Back in 2008, Alcoa formed an agreement with Latent Petroleum to explore for tight gas in the Perth basin. The Warro gas field is located onshore, close to existing gas pipeline infrastructure.

In 2009, Alcoa funded the first stage of drilling work which was carried out by Latent Petroleum. Encouraged with the phase 1 results, Alcoa has now committed to the next phase of the project – investing further funding for drilling and seismic modelling.

Alcoa of Australia’s Director of Business Development and Marketing, Michael Parker, said: “If the Warro exploration and appraisal continues to be successful, the gas field could become another valuable source of energy to the WA community, at a time when competitiveness and diversity of gas supply remains a critical issue.

“With Alcoa being a partner in the Warro project, the gas field would also supply part of our gas needs for our three WA alumina refineries.”

Natural gas has an important role to play in WA’s long-term response to climate change by providing a low-carbon source of energy.

Alcoa has a history of underpinning energy infrastructure in both WA and Victoria.

More than 26 years ago, Alcoa and the State Government partnered to underwrite a long-term take-or-pay contract and the funding of the Dampier to Bunbury Gas Pipeline to enable development of the North West Shelf gas project. These initiatives continue to deliver energy to industry and communities in Perth and the South West.

Alcoa has also been a major contributor to the infrastructure of Victoria since we started operations in 1963. Our aluminium smelters provided the necessary base-load demand to support the development of the Loy Yang power generation complex. While the Portland Aluminium smelter was the catalyst for the construction of a high voltage line from Geelong to Portland, providing an interstate interconnector between Victoria and South Australia. Connecting South Australia to the Victorian grid has enabled South Australians to access a more stable and reliable power supply.

Read more at www.alcoa.com.au/energy.

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Flaring from Warro, clearly demonstrating gas flow to the surface

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Rig826 during drilling at Warro

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12,000 horsepower pumps used to fracture the rock and unlock the gas from 4.3km below the surface