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ruby anniversary for bob rhodes
Robert ‘Bob’ Rhodes has just notched up 40 years with Alcoa’s WA Mining Group.

“Alcoa is a brilliant place to work, anyone who leaves must be crazy. Who would give up the chance to earn good money and go home at the end of the each day, none of this fly-in and fly-out nonsense?”

Prior to joining Alcoa, Bob worked at a local brickworks where he got his first taste of blasting and jackhammering. When Bob started with Alcoa, he was excited about the new career opportunity, only to be put on a jackhammer!

“I nearly left after the first day, but they moved me onto the R24 Trucks after about three weeks,” Bob recalls.

Since then, Bob has many fond memories of Alcoa. He recalls each year the company allowed the loader operators to travel from the Number 2 mine pit into the Jarrahdale town to assist with the log chop

He also remembers when Alcoa transformed the local Jarrahdale football oval: “It sloped away and had caprock sticking out, but Alcoa fixed it up,” he said.

In 1973 Bob moved to the Environmental Department where he was responsible for positing stream risers, monitoring, seeding and planting.

Bob remembers the original planting prescription in the Jarrahdale No. 1 pit: “Alcoa planted pine trees, and as soon as the wind picked up, they blew over like a house of cards.”

But Bob acknowledges that Alcoa has come much further since then and now restores the jarrah forest back to its original state.

Today, Bob is as enthusiastic about his work with Alcoa as he was in the early days, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Congratulations Bob on your 40 years at Alcoa!

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Bob Rhodes with Mine Environmental Scientist Larissa Hackett

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Bob, third from right, at Alcoa in the late 60s/ early 70s

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Bob in 1973