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sustainability report released online
This month saw the launch of Alcoa of Australia’s 2009 Sustainability Report.

In keeping with the sustainability theme, the report is online only and available at www.alcoa.com.au/sustainability.

The report contains information about our performance in Australia throughout 2009 - specifically about our management of key issues including climate change, energy efficiency, environmental and economic custodianship, and detail of engagement with our communities.

Managing Director Alan Cransberg said: “2009 was undoubtedly one of Alcoa of Australia’s most interesting years to date.  The global economic downturn challenged us on every level, and our great workforce showed its strength and commitment as it found new, more efficient ways of doing business. We endured an extreme drop in the metal price, a high Australian dollar, lower returns, and a rise in the cost of raw materials, yet, importantly, the year presented opportunities to discover, so we could emerge stronger heading into 2010.

“In reflecting on the year, what unquestionably stood out to me was the commitment of our people, not only within the business but towards their communities too,” he said.

“While there was less money to be donated to community groups in 2009, our employee volunteer program grew stronger than ever and Alcoans gave their time generously to assist the communities where they live and work.”

Some of the year’s highlights, as outlined in the report, include:

  • alumina production was up on 2008 with our highest ever annual production of alumina at around 9 million tonnes; 
  • Positive improvements in our safety performance - Victorian operations achieved a zero lost work day injury rate, while there were significant decreases in the total recordable injury rate in Victoria and WA;
  • 11 awards won, two more than in 2008; 
  • Employees beat their own volunteering record achieving 94,407 volunteer hours - equating to nearly 4000 days of volunteering, or nearly 11 years; and
  • Since 1990 the Victorian smelters have achieved a direct emissions reduction of 65% per tonne of aluminium produced, our alumina refineries in Western Australia have achieved a direct emissions reduction of over 21% per tonne of alumina, and Alcoa’s rolled products plants have achieved a direct emissions reduction of 23%.

alternative fuel trials for alcoa anglesea
Alcoa Anglesea is continuing to undertake and monitor the results of an alternative fuel trial, while a second trial previously proposed to get underway in the second half of this year is on hold.
The two projects complement Alcoa’s global strategic sustainability targets around conserving resources, sustaining operations and reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. 

A four-month trial of a soy biodiesel product in the mine fleet commenced on 1 June 2010. The product is being used to operate the earthmoving fleet, in a bid to further reduce greenhouse emissions across the site.

The soy-based bio-diesel alternative fuel trial is progressing well with no reports of equipment or other issues. Alcoa will continue to monitor the project for the remaining weeks of the trial. A project evaluation will occur to determine if Alcoa Anglesea will permanently switch the mine’s equipment to B20 soy-diesel. 

The second proposed alternative fuel trial aims to replace 0.5% of the current coal input with a carbon-based fuel known as HiCAL40. This alternative fuel is already successfully used in other industries and provides a range of benefits to the companies which use it. The success of these projects has led Alcoa to believe there is scope for a trial at Anglesea Power Station to determine the potential to develop new markets for the product.

Alcoa applied for an EPA Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) permit to conduct the trial, but the trial is not yet active and remains on hold while we continue to review a range of technical and environmental, health and safety (EHS) aspects of the project.

No firm start date for the project has been decided at this point.

More information on both these projects can be found on our Anglesea micro-site at www.alcoa.com.au/anglesea by clicking on Environment then Environment Improvement Plan; or by contacting our Anglesea Community Relations Officer on 03 5263 4249 or angleseaps@alcoa.com.au.

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Read our 09 Sustainability Report online at www.alcoa.com.au/sustainability

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