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kids foundation and alcoa – a winning combination
The KIDS Foundation and Alcoa of Australia partnership was recognised recently at the Rotary Club Community Service Awards.

Our partnership took out the 'Community Group - Youth Services' Award for our work in community injury prevention, as well as the inaugural ‘Rotary Club Community Service Award’ which included a $10,000 cash prize for KIDS Foundation.

The partnership was awarded for our work in delivering quality safety education programs.

In accepting the award, KIDS Foundation Founder, Susie O’Neill, said: “We are honoured to accept Rotary Club’s inaugural Community Service Award, and it’s great recognition of a truly great partnership.”

“For the past six years, Alcoa has been more than just a corporate partner providing financial support. They have been engaged in the programs we have managed with our community stakeholders and they have also engaged our programs and stakeholders across their national workforce, reinforcing the need for their employees to remain safe.

“A true partnership in every sense of the word,” she said.

KIDS Foundation has received Alcoa funding to support both injury prevention and injury recovery programs over the past five years.  By the end of 2011, our investment in KIDS Foundation will amount to around $900,000. In addition, our people continue to provide support in the form of volunteering.

Currently Alcoa supports a range of KIDS Foundation programs, including:

  • SeeMore Safety Program aims to establish risk management skills that will increase safety awareness and decrease injuries in children. is operating in 24 pre-schools in Alcoa communities. It’s a health and safety education program delivered through pre-schools, kindergartens and playgroups. 
  • The Safety Club Program is delivered to around 40 primary schools around Alcoa’s operations nationally.  It was developed to guide school communities on issues of child safety and injury prevention. It is a student-driven leadership program, delivered to upper primary students.
  • Safety Education & Leadership Field Days are delivered as part of the Safety Club Program. They are conducted for student and teacher Safety Club leaders to develop their leadership and hazard identification skills. 
  • Injury Free Day in schools, held annually in October, which is an opportunity for schools and businesses across the country to raise safety awareness and contribute to reducing the incidence of childhood injury. 
  • The development of the Kelly St magazine, a 24-page full colour safety education resource.  All primary schools across Australia (7,500) receive at least one copy of Kelly St.
wa citizen of the year awards and alcoa is there
The Finding Sydney Foundation has been awarded the Alcoa-sponsored Gold Swan Award at the 38th Annual Western Australian Citizen of the Year Awards.

The Awards honour outstanding achievement and contribution by Western Australians. The Gold Swan Award specifically recognises an organisation that demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the wider community and provides a service that improves the lives of and opportunities of Western Australians. 
In November 1941, HMAS Sydney II and the German raider HSK Kormoran were lost in a World War II battle off the WA coast.

The Finding Sydney Foundation, a not-for-profit Australian company, was established in 2001, with a goal of finding the wreck of Sydney and commemorating the lives of the 645 men who were lost. The Foundation is run by five volunteers who worked vigorously at all levels of Government, commerce and within the community to successfully raise the funds to commission the search.

The wreck of the Sydney was found on 16 March 2008, 66 and a half years after her disappearance.  She was found west of Steep Point, which is located a short distance from Shark Bay on the Western Australian coast.

Before the Finding Sydney Foundation co-founders established the Foundation, they asked the families of those lost on Sydney if they should search. The overwhelming feedback was “please find her in our lifetime.”

“Australia needed to find Sydney to bring a measure of peace to the families of those lost,” said Ted Graham AM, Chairman of the Finding Sydney Foundation.

“My fellow Directors of the Foundation and I are just ordinary Australians who believed we could succeed if we kept going.

“Our website has received around 74 million hits, showing the importance individuals have placed on the find.”

The Foundation’s mission was not without its challenges.

“The big pressure was fundraising and fierce opposition from those who thought we were looking in the wrong place.  These individuals and groups delayed us which was sad because by delaying us it meant that relatives who wanted to know where their loved ones lay, missed out during their lifetime.

"I never thought we would not find the ships provided we had the finance to do so. The research carried out to locate Kormoran (to lead us to Sydney) by Kim Kirsner and John Dunn of the University of Western Australia was ‘spot on’.” 

“Raising $5 million with no guarantee of success was not easy, but we knew we had to keep pushing firmly for funding to succeed," Ted explains.

In March 2008, along with the Prime Minister, the Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Navy and Minister Snowdon, Ted announced that the Finding Sydney Foundation had found the Kormoran.

“About an hour after that announcement, my phone rang and David Mearns, who we contracted as the offshore search leader, said ‘Ted, guess what? We’ve found Sydney’ or similar words.  Frankly I was overcome - many many years of work, criticism and persistence had reached the pinnacle.

“The Finding Sydney Foundation and the Royal Australian Navy carried out exhaustive checks of the sidescan sonar images we obtained of the wreckage (in about 2600m of water) to ensure it was Sydney.
“The next day I again joined the Prime Minister, the Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Navy and Minister Snowdon as we made the announcement Australia had waited 67 years for - we had found HMAS Sydney.”

In winning the Gold Swan Award, Ted said: “To win in front of your home town, where the Governor announced all winners, and with Alcoa as a sponsor, it was a night not to be forgotten.  To be recognised by your community and State is a humbling experience.

“By sponsoring the Gold Swan Award, Alcoa offers an organisation the opportunity to be recognised for its contribution to society in their particular field - this support is a very significant contribution to society in WA and I thank Alcoa for its generous support and interest,” Ted said.

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St Johns Primary School in Portland is involved in Alcoa and the KIDS Foundation

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KIDS Foundation Field Day at Waroona District High School near Wagerup Refinery

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Members of the Finding Sydney Foundation with Alcoa Managing Director Alan Cransberg (second from left). Scroll down for the full story.