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alcoa chair in sustainable water management
With water management one of Australia’s most critical issues, Alcoa of Australia and Murdoch University have announced the appointment of Professor Richard Harper as the inaugural Alcoa Chair in Sustainable Water Management. 

The partnership between Murdoch and Alcoa, to jointly fund the new position, was established late last year.

Australia is the world’s driest continent and there are increasing pressures on water from both an increasing population and future predictions of climate change.  Murdoch and Alcoa recognise that it’s crucial to develop smart and innovative ways of managing our water resources, and in establishing this Chair position we believe we’ve taken an important step in helping to identify sustainable water solutions for the community.

Professor Harper has been involved with aspects of soil and water degradation in Western Australia for over twenty-five years, including work with wind erosion, soil acidity and salinity.  Professor Harper’s initial research will focus on the South-West of WA and he’ll be travelling through the region, meeting and consulting with environmental and community groups as well as industry partners to determine key issues and priorities. While much work has been undertaken in this field, there is more to be done before we reach the goal of truly sustainable water management.

Together, Alcoa and Murdoch are confident that the partnership and the appointment of Professor Harper will provide significant benefits to the WA community by contributing solutions to the local water crisis over the next three years.

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Professor Richard Harper (Alcoa Chair in Sustainable Water Management), Professor John Yovich (Vice Chancellor, Murdoch University) with Alcoa Managing Director Alan Cransberg

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