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aluminium in electric vehicles a big bonus: new study
A new study has backed the benefits of using aluminium in transport.

According to the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) using high-strength, low-weight aluminium over heavier steel structures for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles can slash vehicle costs.

CAR said the overall price of the vehicles can be drastically reduced thanks to lower battery energy requirements and their associated costs.

The study was jointly conducted by The Aluminium Association, Inc. with Ricardo, a leading technical research and strategic consultancy to the world's automotive, transport and energy industries.

Michael Bull, Director of Automotive Technology for Novelis, Inc., said: “As automakers gear up for a new generation of plug-in electric vehicles, the high cost of battery power remains a barrier.”

“What this new report shows is that by upgrading from traditional steel to an advanced aluminium body structure, the vehicle’s stored energy requirements can be cut by about 10 per cent, which could save up to $3,000 per vehicle since less power and energy is required to move the lighter vehicle.

“Plug-in and hybrid electric cars contain precious little, and quite expensive, ‘fuel’ in the form of batteries,” added Bull.

“Therefore, every effort must be made to utilise this stored energy to the highest possible efficiency.

“The solution lies in lowering the vehicle’s weight with aluminium as part of a holistic approach to also include advanced powertrains and batteries, enhanced thermal management, improved aerodynamics, and reduced rolling resistance.

“Many of the current hybrid vehicles are progressively adding lower weight components to improve the overall vehicle performance. When it comes to making electric vehicles more affordable and efficient, aluminium is proven to get you there with no compromises,” said Bull.

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